Hate Crimes Protest In D.C. A Big Bust

See how lying makes one constipated?

Lying can make you constipated

Dr.-Pastor Gary Cass and his loony bin of bigots assembled in front of the Justice Department on Monday, 11-16-09 to get all up in da face of da man – yeh! right on!  Boldly they stood; boldly they preached, and boldly they just.kinda.fizzled.  out.

DC Podiums, obviously sent by God (She works in mysterious ways), upon discovering the message of the group who had hired him, donated his fee to the gay rights supporters, and gave them full use of the sound mics after the Haters for Jesus™ were done … to balance out the karma.  😉


From the WaPo article by Dana Milbank:

“In this case, God took the form of Chuck Fazio, from DC Podiums. Fazio was hired by the religious conservatives to provide the sound system for the event, but upon learning of their cause, he decided to donate his proceeds to the gay rights activists and to give them a chance at the microphone before shutting down the amplifiers. “I don’t want bad karma,” he explained, noting with some pride that the lectern they were using was the same one used by Borat on a recent Washington visit. The conservative activists could not have anticipated this unusual turn of events when they arrived, some wearing “Fear God” T-shirts and one carrying a sign spelling AIDS from the biblical phrase “the wages of sin is death.”

The “My Love Is Legit” crowd ended up with the stronger message.  These pastors are already viewed by most Americans as the American Taliban.

nothing they said they would do would have gotten them arrested.  If these lying dirtbags truly are ignorant of the content of the Act, if they truly are ignorant of correct English word definitions, then they they need to get educated.  But, I have the strongest feeling that they do know, that they are purposely distorting their ‘issues’ and misleading their sheeple.  From Right Wing Watch (emphasis mine):

Indeed, a number of speakers seemed to be tailoring their remarks to the counterprotestors, welcoming them to the event, inviting them to pray and repent along with the speakers.   Speaker after speaker insisted that they were motivated only by love for gay people and their desire to protect their right to offer homosexuals hope and God’s word.

No praying. I quit talking to imaginary sky beings long ago.  “motivated only by love” my ass – “My god says I gotta kill you” (my quote) means “I am delusional and homicidal”?

Printed  materials were passed out containing the fave verses, Romans 1:32 and Leviticus 20:13.  These dirtbags must get boners reading those two verses; so self-loathing that they must project the hate onto others to relieve whatever lurid shit rolls around in those minds.

But Klingenschmitt didn’t utter any of these verses. Neither did anyone else.   Maybe someone  decided that footage of Religious Right leaders reading scripture calling for death for gays was not, perhaps, a great public relations move. Or perhaps the presence of a dozen or more college-age counter protestors holding up signs saying “My love is legit” threw them off message.

Nah, put it out there, people — I say let their hate stand and be exposed for what they are.  Confront the lies and hatred — ‘god’ sent the love counter-protesters.

But there was nothing that anyone could remotely consider incitement to a hate crime, and nothing that even these speakers could say with a straight face had any chance of getting them arrested. Even Matt Barber, who typically does not shy away from disparaging comments about gay people and their supporters, gave a relatively dry recitation of the Liberty Counsel’s assertions that the law is unconstitutional.

Of course not … nothing to say — their whole base is a lie.

So, what happened?  Did these culture warriors essentially chicken out? Did they feel outnumbered? In spite of the event being billed as a “rally,” the number of speakers gathered behind the microphone seemed to outnumber the number of people attending in support of their message. The “love is legit” folks had the most visible presence. Maybe the organizers just figured out that a “we love the homosexuals” message would play better than “God wants them dead.”


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