Christian Extremist Hatred For Sale

Christian product marketing has gone all the way.  Now you can proudly display your christian hatred on a t-shirt, bumper sticker, coffee mug and even on a cuddly death-to-Obama teddy bear. (update: CafePress has now banned all Psalm 109:8 merchandise – HA!)

Death-to-Obama cuddly bear

Death-to-Obama cuddly bear and medallion thingy

Imprecatory psalms … the latest in Christian Hate Apologetics and Bible verse cherry-picking.  Pray for death-to-queers (Leviticus 20:13) or death-to-obama, you’re covered – it’s all right there in the Holy Book of Rape and Hate Bible.




Pray for Obama's death




Personal story of imprecatory prayer: when my sisters went down to our (now deceased) mother’s home in the spring of 2006, they found evidence of theft and abuse — by the good church deacon and friend of both our parents for over thirty years, Bill C.  They confronted him and he got irate; he raised his hands to the lord and prayed for death and destruction to befall them.

We found out that Bill (70 yrs. old) had been convincing our mom that her kids (five 0f us) were out to control her, take her money, her car, put her in a home, etc.  He had practical ownership of her late model car (she did not drive) and her cell phone.  By that fall, he had talked her into signing over the title of her car to him; by January of 2007, we discovered he had written himself a check for $5,000 and conveniently swiped her bank statement when it came in.

She wouldn’t let herself admit, until the $5,000 check, that she was being taken advantage of; even then it was hard for her to let go of this “friendship”.   She kept feeling guilt as though she had gone against a christian man.  That’s what religious brain-wahing does.

So, whether it’s the President or someone’s mom, you can pray for their demise all in the name of a “loving god”.


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