Joseph Farah’s call for “theocratic dictatorship”?

Joseph Farah (image from Jesus' General)

Ed Brayton’s blog Dispatches From the Culture Wars post on Joseph Farah‘s “rationale for theocratic dictatorship”:

“Joseph Farah, grand poobah of the Worldnutdaily, has a frightening column calling for a theocracy to be established in the United States. He doesn’t do so openly, of course, but what else could this possibly mean:

“The Bible clearly identifies homosexual behavior, as opposed to homosexual thoughts or predilections, as sin.

The issue Christians and Jews should be focused upon is whether it can ever be acceptable for the government to condone sin – or, worse yet, encourage it by making it a “right.”

I don’t believe government can do that without dire consequences.”

And then he launches into the tired old “God will destroy America if we don’t do what he says” nonsense. But think about this. He’s arguing that it is never acceptable for a government to allow people to commit “sin” as defined in the Bible and that if it does allow that to happen, God will punish that country. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rationale for a theocratic dictatorship.”

Joseph Farah, “Why sin cannot be condoned by state” (or – “She’s a witch! Burn her!”):

“That’s the forceful case that thoughtful Christians need to make in our world. Why? Because it’s truth. Why? Because it’s self-evident. Why? Because it leads people to God. Why? Because we can all live a happier and more fulfilled life on this planet if we listen to our Creator and obey his rules.”

No.  The forceful case that people who don’t talk to imaginary beings need to make is self-evident.  Why?  Because religion is a lie.  Why?  It leads people to Delusion.  Why?  Because we can all live happier on this planet if people who talk to imaginary sky beings would just fucking go away — stay ‘over there’ and practice your cult and let sane people get on with life in the real world.

“I am not stating the obvious here – that individuals will be judged for their behavior in the afterlife. What I am saying is we are already being judged in the here and now for rejecting God and one of those judgments is the explosion of homosexuality in our culture and the absolute explosion in the number of people accepting it, condoning it and even rejoicing in it.”

Uh, the “obvious here” is that individuals who believe in imaginary sky beings are judging everyone around them while their own lives are in turmoil.  The “obvious here” is that there is wide debate on what/if about an ‘afterlife’.  And, there is no “explosion of homosexuality”.  People are waking up to the fact that most gay people are just people, just like most straight people are just people.  People are waking up to the fact that RELIGION IS A DELUSION and non-theism, agnosticism and atheism are on the rise.  People are waking up to the fact that sexuality is innate, whether you’re a homo or a het or inbetween, it is natural and normal.

If this country fell into a theocracy, after they killed all the really bad sinners (homos first, of course), they would all turn on each other.  These Leviticus-spewing, hate-filled, deluded, lying, “sin”-addled, scandalous posers need to be called out on their bat-shittery.


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