“Seven Mountain Theology” Behind Uganda’s Anti-Gay Laws

I have been reading more and more every day about the dire situation in Uganda.  The anti-gay legislation being put before their parliament will literally rip families apart — and it will likely pass.  This is the most ungodly deed being committed by the most ungodly “godly” men.  Several countries who supply aid to Uganda have denounced this legislation.  Seems the U.S. is slow to respond, and the Evangelical figures involved are trying to back away from it.

They are using Uganda as a testing ground for what they want to see come down in this country — Dominion Theology, establishing Biblical Law for the setting up of God’s kingdom on earth — a theocracy — and they believe in using force if necessary.  Joel’s Army (Todd Bentley) is one “church” that comes to mind.  Dominion Theology is scary shit, far stricter than the strict Fundamentalism that I got involved in, back in ’80-’81.

There are many folks keeping an eye on these evil fucks.  Today’s read is from Jim Burroway at the Box Turtle Bulletin.  This whole goddamn thing just sickens me … “Seven Mountains Theology” (emphasis mine):

Oyet is an adherent to “Seven Mountains” theology, a Dominionist theology that calls upon Christians to “establish the Kingdom of God on earth” by claiming possession to “the Seven Mountains of Culture namely: Business, Government, Religion, Family, Media, Education and Entertainment.”

You must read the entire Box Turtle Bulletin article.  At the bottom (of BTB’s article) are the links for all their coverage of the Uganda “Kill the Gays” Legislation.  It is absolutely insanely evil what our U.S. “christian” leaders are doing behind the scenes in Africa.

Rachel Maddow is also all over it.  More links that I’ve been reading on the Uganda situation are below:



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