Vallejo Mayor: Homos Are Going To Hell

Entering Vallejo - Call 9-1-1

Entering Vallejo, "City of God", call 9-1-1

Yeh, for Christ’s sake, we hear this bullshit all of our lives — the mayor of Vallejo, California, Osby Davis, proclaims that the Homos will not enter into heaven.

It’s really quite okay if the ‘honorable’ Mayor believes that, but he and other politicians who have made this type of public statement need to keep that shit locked up in the backs of those dishonest pea-brains of theirs.  From the Times-Herald article:

From inside City Hall came the sounds of more than 100 people clapping and cheering, praising God.

“Lord, we’re not against anybody. We’re for our children,” prayed New Hope Church Community Senior Pastor Terrence Nichols. “No matter what outside forces may stir up the pot, it is the inside residents who will work together to bring solutions to Vallejo.

“Thank you God for the peace of this city.” [<-this links to Vallejo Crime Statistics, which are 1.38 times the national average]

The city has been anything but peaceful, however, since a New York Times column on Nov. 20, quoted Davis as saying of gay people, “They’re committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven. … But you don’t hate the person. You hate the sin that they commit.”

Davis later apologized for offending anyone, said his remarks were taken out of context, but did not expand on his religious beliefs.

I’m so effing sick of these if-I-offended-anyone apologies, the I-have-lotsa-gay-friends (yes, he actually uses that line, too) lies.  He wants to call Vallejo a “City of God” — well howzabout working on that there un-godly crime rate in that godly city?  And what about the city going bankrupt just last year?  How … godly.

I’m also effing sick of the ole “I love you, but you can’t enter heaven, and you’re sub-human, but – I love you, and you deserve to be put to death, but – I love you.  Statements like Osby made, dehumanizing and vilifying gays, only give reason for the bigotry and violence against us.



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3 responses to “Vallejo Mayor: Homos Are Going To Hell

  1. Yeah…that kind of love always makes me think, “You know, I’ll take my chances with hate.”

    I do hope that there are citizens in Vallejo who are interested in justice and competence and will vote his mean-spirited ass out next year.

    (Came via comment link in Box Turtle Bulletin.)

  2. Tom

    yep, it warms my heart, too .. heh.

  3. anonymous

    Do u hate or love gays go here

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