The Lies of Ex-Gay “Therapy” and Its Deadly Consequences

Ex-gay “therapy” is a dangerous scam with life-long damaging consequences for its victims.  The leaders in the scam, Exodus International, has been credited, by Ugandan legislators themselves, as the inspiration for Uganda’s anti-gay legislation.

Rachel Maddow had Exodus International’s Richard Cohen on her show, skewering him quite nicely, often reiterating the fact that he is an unlicensed and totally discredited practitioner.  When he tries to wiggle out of words he has said, Rachel says, “I’m reading it from your book, dude.” I so fucking love Rachel.

Correction:  Cohen is not from Exodus – he’s the IHF (International Healing Foundation) – doesn’t matter to me … they are all very well entangled doing the same evil.

via Joe.My.God.


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