Kalamazoo Christians’ Hate Is “Above Serving Christ”

Following the Catholic church’s pull-out and re-entry of charity work to the homeless in D.C., comes more Christian Love™ from three churches that are part of Martha’s Table,

“The founding principle of Martha’s Table was that churches would come together and put aside their differences in light of what unites us, which is our common commitment to serve Christ and others,” Laney said. “But now this difference has risen above our common commitment to serving Christ.”

Yeah, fuck that “serving Christ” bullshit and fuck the needy kids and homeless — that’s for fuckin’ pansies, anyways (right at the sacred Christmas season, to boot).  More important are Hatred and Divisiveness, two core Christianist principles.



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2 responses to “Kalamazoo Christians’ Hate Is “Above Serving Christ”

  1. adrian

    this blows my mind. What the hell is wrong with the world? Love your blog, BTW.

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