Rwanda Up Next To Criminalize Homosexuality

Thanks again to U.S. evangelical influence in another poverty-stricken nation, as Rwanda is putting forth legislation to criminalize homosexuality.  Rick Warren designated Rwanda a “purpose-driven nation” in 2005; same bullshit he uses to drive homophobia around the world.

Holocaust-revisionist Scott Lively would have you believe that it is the “pressure” of European and North American gay activists forcing these very ‘godly’ countries to accept “the gay lifestyle”.  But that is the farthest thing from the truth, and these evil fucks Warren, Lively and others, know exactly what they’re doing — exactly what they’d like to see happen in the U.S.

The very godly country of Rwanda already executed 20% of their population, so, gee, what’s left to do?  Work on the abject poverty and disease afflicting the population?  No.  Let’s see, work on improving the sky-high infant mortality rate?  Nah.  Education?  Nope.

President Paul Kagame at Saddleback Church in September 2009

President Paul Kagame at Saddleback Church in September 2009

Exterminate all the homos, Yessss! — that’s going to solve everything and pull Africa right into the 21st century.

Who knows how all of this will end up … in Rwanda and elsewhere.

UPDATE: “Rwanda Will Not Criminalize Homosexuality” by Kilian Melloy – 12/24/2009

“Rwandan lawmakers say they have no intention of criminalizing gay relations, despite proposals to revise the penal code in a way that would provide stiff penalties and steep fines for gay sex or even gay counseling. …

“… lawmakers expressed concern that the proposed law would conflict with the provisions of the International Charter on Civil Rights, reported The New Times in an article posted at on Dec. 23. …

“Even so, lawmakers drew a distinction between sexual relations between consenting adults of the same gender, and issues around homosexuality that could be seen as impacting youth. Some fear that counseling services for GLBT youth could be affected or eradicated by the newly revised penal code. …

“But politicians spoke of adults sexually assaulting children. “I think there was some kind of confusion on this particular article and yet the [existing] Law is clear,” said Tharcisse Karugarama, the country’s Minister for Justice. “Anyone, whether homosexual or heterosexual, who involves a child in any sort of sexual activity will be held accountable by the courts of law. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not.”

Maybe there’s some rational thinking going on …?


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