Almost Half Of Americans Think Being Gay Is A Choice

Not surprisingly, the poll (of only 1,001 people, by polling institute Angus-Reid) pretty much matches the divide over gay marriage.  Yep, I know that it is difficult for some folks to understand, but being gay is NOT a choice.  The choice that I made was to stop lying to myself and others around me.  The choice I made was to accept what I could not change.  I put myself through my own private hell denying it, like we all do, but once I accepted it, my life got a whole hell of a lot better.  One day I’ll write about it.

The American Psychological Association’s definition of “sexual orientation” is intentionally misquoted by religious wing-nuts over and over and over again, and it’s one of their key lies talking points when protesting the Hate Crimes Act or gays in general.  They falsely state that the APA defines “sexual orientation” as including thirty-some fetishes or behaviors and therefore they can make their false claims that pedophilia and necrophilia are protected “orientations” under the Act (and false claims that all gay men are child molesters/recruiters).  The APA does list these fetishes or behaviors but excludes them from the definition of “sexual orientation” because said behaviors are not exclusive to any one of the three sexual orientations.

All humans (except asexuals, I guess) fall into the “sexual continuum“.  People are either 100% hetero-to-bisexual(50/50)-to-100% homo.  If you know and observe people (and yourself), you know it is true, and it’s well backed -up by the science community.

Another lie by religious extremists is that anyone can simply presto-change-o, and ‘wham!’ – you’re heterosexual.  Not only is it very unlikely, it is damaging to a person to try.  This lie, promoted to the Ugandan leaders, is partly responsible for the anti-gay legislation pending in their parliament.  Groups like Exodus, Intl. claim that their clients change, but offer no proof, no follow-up.  I did read (somewhere, I’ll have to dig through my browser history) that Alan Chambers announced that he was doing a study following up on clients, but no one has seen this study … perhaps Exodus was not happy with the results.

LaHaye - Whackjob end-times eangelist

Tim LaHaye, "The Unhappy Gays" - a book of christianist Lies

Another lie by religious extremists is that gay people are all unhappy and “wanting out of the lifestyle” — ah, the “lifestyle”, the very overly-misused word … so then, what is the “heterosexual lifestyle”?  There is no one single heterosexual lifestyle!  Same with gay people — we live many, many different lifestyles, which, exactly like heterosexuals’ lifestyles, are affected by geography, occupation, education, environment, family, marital status, etc.  What the ignorant, know-it-all christianist wing-nuts mean in their heads when they say “homosexual lifestyle” are the pictures they’re shown of drag queens and leathermen and so they assume all gay men wear high heels and hang out in gay bars and fly goddamn rainbow flags.

Then, there are the outrageous comparisons of gays to theives, drug addicts, Nazis, murderers and cannibals.  Common traits of every damn anti-gay site is that everything is cut-and-paste from all the same false data from the same discredited “researchers”, and there are never any links to outside sources, and if there are, the links go to other sites with the same cut-and-paste false data.  When they “quote” somebody, again, there’s no link, and you have to search the web and then you find out they “misquoted” the source; and they know that their intended reading audience (evangelicals) will not question the material.  Typical christianist deceit tactics.  Another common trait is that commenting is disabled or non-existence; and it is often difficult to find contact information and the dates of the material.  Another christianist tactic to stifle or prohibit debate.

In a comment on the question of choice on a site called OpposingViews, some dumbfuck says this:

Answered: yes, it is only a choice

Nobody ever had to have sex with their own gender; it is a choice someone makes, just like drinking and driving, takng drugs, watching pornography, or hating or loving God. There’s lots of things I wanted to do in life that were wrong. I chose not do do most of them. Anyone that is gay/homosexual can stop it now, appreciate the other gender (there are beautiful women out there), stop acting like the other gender, and continue your life the way God wanted you to. The “born that way” excuse is just an excuse. – daniel101112

Poor ignorant, dumbass bastard.


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