Kenyan Witch Hunts And Evangelical Christians

This is the result of evangelical christianity (brought in by Western christianists) gone amok in Africa.  Religion is not only nutty, it is dangerous.

December 26, 2009 on Al Jazeera English

“Dozens of villagers in the Kenyan district of Kisii are falling prey to superstitious groups accusing them of witchcraft.

The poverty-stricken district, known as Kenya’s sorcery belt, has seen an increase in mob attacks on individuals and even killings.

Three months ago, a group of youths tortured five suspected witches before setting them on fire.”

(via Atheist Media Blog)

A Google search of “kenyan witches christians” brings a November 11, 2009 CNN aricle.  Here’s two excerpts; read the whole (short) article, it’s worth it.

Kisii, Kenya (CNN) — On one Sunday each month Pastor Lawrence Omambia, the lead preacher at the Community of Christ church in Kisii, Kenya, shows off his gift — healing and exorcism.

During the deliverance ceremony he paces through the simple brick and tin church listening to the mumbles and shouts of prayer.

He walks swiftly to a worshiper and thrusts his hands on the supplicant’s head. “I command evil spirits to come out now in the name of Jesus,” he repeatedly shouts in Kiswahili. …

… The pastor says he can heal cancer, epilepsy and possession and says that the power from his hands is like electric currents from Jesus.

Of course it isn’t all that unusual for a pastor to claim healing powers. Witness the blow-dried televangelists of America and elsewhere, who often advertise their dramatic healing powers in infomercials.

But in western Kenya the belief in the supernatural is far deeper, and the line between Christianity and the occult is thin at best.

Many here believe that witches, night-runners brandishing flaming torches and evil spirits populate the night.

And lynch mobs often attack accused witches. A particularly gruesome incident occurred near Kisii in late May. Fifteen people, mostly elderly women, were murdered in a witch-hunt.

Religion poisons Reason and Sanity.



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6 responses to “Kenyan Witch Hunts And Evangelical Christians

  1. I think you need to understand the flip side.

    I get plenty of emails from victims of witchcraft and sorcery because of the curses placed on them, and other physical harm.

    Witches and sorcerers do harm to others to benefit their clients.

    These people ( ie the mob) are afraid of the witches so they kill them, but one evil does not excuse another evil.

    Murder is wrong – both by sorcerers, and fby people trying to stop them.

    This harm must be stopped, but it can only be done in the spiritual realm.

    Taking authority, prayer, and rejecting the harm will do the most good.


    • Tom

      Thank you for commenting.

      I’m hardly defending “witches”, if that’s what you think …
      There are no such things as witches, only demented people who think they are witches.
      You get emails from crazy people who believe in crazy, made-up stuff.
      People who think they are witches or sorcerers or whatever, ARE INSANE.
      People who think they are victims of the aforementioned ARE INSANE.

      People who pretend they have magical healing powers ARE FRAUDS, if not INSANE like the people who believe in them.

      Yes, brilliant! — murder is wrong; it’s wrong for demented evangelicals to hunt down and murder innocent children who they merely suspect of being “witches”.
      It’s wrong for the demented people who think they have witchy powers to murder anybody, or to psychologically terrorize them (which is what religion does, also).

      The harm is perpetuated by religious authority and its imaginary spiritual realms … Religion (Islam, Christianity, witchy stuff, all of it) is dangerous superstition because it gets twisted into despicable acts.

    • Tom

      Article: “African Children Denounced As Witches By Christian Pastors”

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