Stephen Green, The U.K. Version Of Fred Phelps

Another Leviticus-spouting fundaMENTAList preacher, Stephen Green, The U.K. version of Fred Phelps.  Some of the commenters after the news article dismiss him outright because he leads an insignificant group, one that only has a few hundred followers and question why this is news-worthy.  But some commenters reflect my feelings — these people are not few in number, and their sentiment is growing and people like Green, Phelps, Wiley and Anderson need to be fucking kept a watch on, and these freaks need to be exposed and ridiculed.  Dominionist theology not only has its hooks sunk into the U.S. government (The Family), but around the world as well.

via PinkNewsUK,

Christian leader supports death penalty for gays: By Staff Writer, • December 21, 2009 – 11:06

A far right Christian group has urged fellow Christians to support Uganda’s proposed law that would make homosexuality punishable by death.

Stephen Green, leader of the Christian extremist group ‘Christian Voice’, remarked:

“The Bible calls for the ultimate penalty for sodomy (Lev 20:13) and for rape (Deut 22:25), and our Lord upheld the death penalty when He called for the accusers of the woman caught in adultery to cast the first stone (John 8:7) – if, that is, they were not implicated in adultery themselves.

“The contrast between our politicians and those of Uganda could not be more stark. A Parliamentarian in Uganda is trying to protect his nation’s children. The House of Commons of the United Kingdom is trying to corrupt ours. Which country is the more civilised, I wonder, in the eyes of Almighty God?”

Here’s some of the comments:

All obvious and easy slags aside… I think it is high time there be a re-think of the progressive opposition to these people. Adolf Hilter left prison and rose to the top on the coat tails of people like this – and the line between freedom and fascism is very, very thin.

Gays, bi’s in-between and the rest of the ‘misfit’ (so-called) world better wake up and get some things going outside of the bars, fashion runways and drug culture. And let me be clear: yes, there’s people doing good things now, and no I don;t mean you can’t ever have any fun. But left as sound-byte anecdotes, these people will fester and grow, and them and theirs who claim to speak for Jesus will, in fact, come as a thief in the night much like the SS did not too many Decembers ago.

‘We’re here, we’re queer’ just ain’t good enough anymore. Sitting on facebook and porn sites, social networks and party blogs ain’t neither. Call me crazy, slag me off if you wish but one thing is for certain: these people and here, they’re organised and they hate you. Silence=Death. – Comment by Artful Roger™ — December 21, 2009 @ 15:05

In this “mother of democracies”, the UK, in the last week we have had the BBC published a headline asking, “openly”, whether or not gays should be executed, and now, this ex-Tory-MP Stephen Green is publicly approving the creation of a state of terror in Uganda – by legislation which will mean the imprisonment for three years of anyone (straight or gay) who fails to report a person who could be construed as being homosexual!

I agree with the poster who implies that we should all be wary. The government’s fine and well-intended anti-hate legislation is literally being ignored and the authorities are not doing anything about it.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the Welsh rugby star next enters a football arena and homophobes jeer at him openly. Will they be arrested? – Comment by Eddy — December 21, 2009 @ 15:50


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