Sally Kern Wants To Limit Divorce In Oklahoma

Sally Kern and Church Lady

Sally Kern and Church Lady

Church Lady and pist0l-packin’ Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern is introducing HB2279 for the 2010 session.  The bill would strictly limit or deny (heterosexual) divorce on grounds of incompatibility.  Sally loves sticking that christianist beak of hers into the private lives of citizens whom she deems less than human.  You know, people of the “wrong religion” or no religion, and — even lower than terrorists — homos.

Poll on proposed ban on divorce

KOKO-5 OKC News Opinion Poll

Channel 5 News in OKC has this poll shown on their website.  An unbelievable 16% thinks it’s just fine for the State to dictate citizens’ personal relationships … and, I’m guessing that half of that 84% have no problem with the State dictating same-sex relationships.  (A guess, based on the poll showing 47% think sexual orientation is a choice.)

The bill, if law, would prohibit divorce if:

  • There are living minor children of the marriage
  • The parties have been married 10 years or longer
  • Either party files a written objection to the granting of a divorce

Do these people even think about the crap they say?  The stupidity, the arrogance, of thinking you know every person’s situation, every child’s plight; thinking you can see and judge every nuance of people’s private relationships.  People like Kern want to impose their Biblical Values™ on everyone (see:Sally Kern’s Proclamation of Morality).  According to the Wiki, she’s a Baptist, but it doesn’t say which flavor.  Maybe she’s getting her idea from the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act?  (Some of these stupid fundies don’t even realize it’s a parody, a hoax.)

The fundies are comin’ after you – and you, and you, and … and they’d take it by force, if necessary.  Very OT of them.



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4 responses to “Sally Kern Wants To Limit Divorce In Oklahoma

  1. If it’s going to come to this, then why not redefine “marriage” to be a specific religious union completely separate from legal regulations? Then we would all need a “civil union” in order to obtain a recognized legal partnership with another human being (regardless of gender).

  2. Tom

    Hi, thanks for commenting!
    I can’t imagine a man getting on one knee and presenting a ring to his fianceé and saying “My darling, will you civil-partner me?” or “My wife and I have been civil-unioned for 5 years” or “Civil-union bells are ringing” (isn’t that a song?) — I can’t imagine my straight friends going for that …

    My partner and I call each other ‘husband’; we feel ‘married’ (even though we can’t marry in Oregon); we call ourselves ‘married’. We’re deeply in love with each other.

    The Xtian Church can still marry people who want to get married in a church. The state can marry people who do not want a religious ceremony, and they are still “married”.
    I think the ‘Church’ needs to get over their self-proclaimed ownership of the word and institution of “marriage” (that’s their redefinition). Governments were recording marriages long before Xtianity was around.

    • Yes, you make a good point– the magic kinda goes with the word. Either way, if a religious group wants to impose certain regulations on the institution of marriage, they should create their own sub-brand and do so exclusively upon willing participants.

  3. Tom

    Good idea … they can take the phrases “religious union” (they already have “holy union”), “religious life-partner”, “life-partner in Christ” or “life-parner domestically unioned in Christ Our Lord” ….
    then, they won’t have to deal with that ‘tainted’ and ‘redefined’ word ‘marriage’. ugh.

    (ok, i’m just being a goof) … Marriage has been redefined many times in the past. They just need to keep in mind that there are a whole lot of other folks in this world than just them, and they ‘gots ta share’. {:-3

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