Vile Sociopath Scott Lively Drops His “Nuclear Bomb” On Gays

Box Turtle Bulletin obtained videos of the VILE SOCIOPATH Scott Lively at his March 2009 conference in Kampala, Uganda.  See the three videos and read the reporting by Box Turtle Bulletin.  I imbedded the three videos after the fold.

A quote from the man who, today, vehemently denies any involvement in what is going on today in the Ugandan parliament:

“Our campaign was like a ‘nuclear bomb’ against the ‘gay’ agenda in Uganda” – Scott Lively, March 5, 2009

Specific Ugandan parliament members have even credited Lively and his cohorts for the inspiration behind the Bill.

The first video:

Here’s the first video — Lively and his “nuclear bomb” (his own term): Homos are heartless and have no feelings of compassion or mercy; Homos are always on the hunt for a child to molest; Homos were behind the rise of the Nazi party and were the ones operating the gas chambers:

Second video — Lively redefines “sexual orientation” to fit into his sociopathic ideology:

Third video — Lively dispenses his lies about “the three causes of homosexuality”:

Most Ugandans actually believe all these things, and it is no wonder they want to exterminate harmless gay citizens.



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