Coo-coo cu-choo, Iris Robinson, Jesus Loves You…

Iris Robinson - "Wicked Witch of the North" - Belfast Pride Parade

They sure love ol' Iris at Belfast Pride (click photo)

… more than you know, you hypocritical twat.  Yes, Jesus would probably (maybe) stop the queer citizens of Northern Ireland from STONING YOU TO DEATH, you lying, hypocritical, mentally ill, Pious Pedophile, “abomination” of a piece of human shit, with the goddamn gaul to dehumanize and condemn gay people.  How about some good old UK Sharia Law on your lying, adulterous ass.

And, this wonderful lady, who puts the ‘mental’ in fundamental, ordered half of the kickbacks she demanded to be funneled to her goddamn CHURCH (where her sister is the Pastor).  Fuck.

I LOVE the title of the post by Joe.My.God. … “CougarGate: Iris Robinson Took Thousands In Kickbacks From Her 19 Year Old Boytoy”

Iris Robinson knew Kirk McCambley since he was NINE YEARS OLD, grooming him the whole time?  isn’t that what goddamn pedophiles do?  The crazy bat even tried to commit suicide after the affair was disclosed to her husband, Peter.

Folks, it is ALWAYS the ones screaming the LOUDEST about the so-called “evils” of other people, so that they can divert attention away from the dirty doings they’re steeped in.

Sorry, fundaMENTALists piss me the hell off.


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