The Faith Healer Experience Of Creationist William Dembski

Here’s a good read at Daylight Atheism, discussing an article written by Dembski on his experience going to the notorious ‘faith healer’ Todd Bentley.  I’ve mentioned Bentley before — he’s part of the Christian Reconstructionist species of Xtian; also called Dominion Theology, Seven Mountains Theology, and a few other monikers.

William Dembski has before ‘endorsed’ a faith healer by the name of Jaerock Lee.  I’d guess he’s got to be a little disillusioned now?  Question the silliness of his faith?  There’s no such thing as magic, folks.

Anyway, from the post at Daylight Atheism:

Most of you have probably heard the name of William Dembski, one of the prominent advocates of intelligent-design creationism. Like all ID advocates, Dembski claims vehemently that his work is scientific and not in any way motivated by his religious beliefs, which is why he’s currently a professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

But never mind that; today, somewhat surprisingly, I come to praise Dembski rather than bury him. That’s because I’ve come across this very interesting essay of his about his family’s experience visiting a faith healer.


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