Blasphemers! Damn You, Blasphemers!

"Life of Brian" - BLASPHEMY

"Life of Brian" - BLASPHEMY (Click for a History of Irish Blasphemy Law)

A new Irish law took effect on January 1, criminalizing the act of  ‘blasphemy‘.  And, this law is being used by the Islamic Allah-fuckers (The Organization of Islamic Conference, or OIC) to reword and model their blasphemy laws in their on-going efforts to persuade the UN to establish the global criminalization of blasphemy.  It’s a death penalty in Pakistan.  Death, for criticizing belief in imaginary beings.

Michael Nugent, spokesman for Atheist Ireland, rightly calls the law “silly” because of its medieval focus on protecting ideas instead of people, and “dangerous” since it actually offers incentives for religious outrage.

Already, Nugent points out, Pakistan — where blasphemy is punishable by execution — has adopted most of the wording of the Irish law in its latest effort to get the UN to bar blasphemy internationally.

Peaceful Islam - Blasphemy Law

Peaceful Islam - Blasphemy Law

Religion MUST be questioned.  Religion MUST be scrutinized and criticized.  The ironic part about religious persecution is that is mostly happens between differing religions or denominations.  People who don’t believe in magic powers and floating god-beings should stop being silent.  This shit with Muslims trying to get global laws imposed, has been going on for a few decades, and it’s creeping closer to acceptance at the UN.


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