Kirk McCambley Faked Cancer To End Sex Fling With Mrs. Robinson

First, lets add a couple more democratic party members (and the kid’s father, don’t forget) to the growing list of cocks that the “abominable” Mrs. Robinson has impaled herself on.  Jeezus, what a fundamentalist christian pedophile slut … who hasn’t she fucked?

Kirk McCambley ended the affair by telling the Mrs. that he had testicular cancer.

From PinkNewsUK:

“Iris Robinson’s teen lover ‘faked testicular cancer to end affair'” By Staff Writer, • January 12, 2010 – 14:13– The 19-year-old lover of Iris Robinson falsely told her he was suffered from testicular cancer to get out of the relationship, it has been claimed.

Kirk McCambley, now 21, was bombarded with emails and love letters from the 60-year-old MP, the Irish Independent reported.

She is said to have secured a £50,000 loan for him to start a business without declaring her interest to authorities. She is also alleged to have demanded a £5,000 kickback for herself.

A source told the newspaper Robinson had harassed McCambley by constantly contacting him. McCambley, who had a girlfriend at the time, is said to have told her he had testicular cancer and could no longer sexually perform.

When they split up, she allegedly demanded the money back in the form of two cheques for £20,000 each, one to herself and one to her local church, where her sister is a pastor. It is not clear what happened to the other £10,000.


Robinson is also alleged to have had an affair with McCambley senior, along with two unnamed Democratic Unionist Party politicians.

She has not been seen since before Christmas. She has been expelled from her party and is thought to be receiving psychiatric treatment in a Belfast hospital.

Psychiatric hospital?  But — Jesus can wave his magic invisible hand and cure the slut.  He cured sluts in the Bible all the time — why is a fundamentalist christian seeking help from these ungodly doctors of spiritual indoctrination?  (That’s what the church said about the science of psychology, back in the day when I went to the fundamental ist church).



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4 responses to “Kirk McCambley Faked Cancer To End Sex Fling With Mrs. Robinson

  1. Wow, that’s a crazy excuse to end an affair!

    My new blog is about iris-gate too, so please check it out 🙂

  2. Tom

    The whole thing is just unbelievably crazy. Thanks for the hit, I’ll sure check it out.

  3. ancruiskeenlawnmower

    Ha! You should alter your piece on the side (so to speak) to read ‘pulling the wood from your iris’. I dedicated a whole issue to savaging the cow.

  4. Tom

    haha, old cow had her ‘piece on the side’ … ‘putting the wood to Iris’

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