Global Ban On Blasphemy Gaining Acceptance At U.N.

More U.N. member nations are lining themselves up with the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) in the decade-old push for international laws criminalizing blasphemy.  The term “defamation of religions” is in debate over adding it to the ICERD (International Covenant on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination ) — what a mouthful — and a what a load of crap.  Religion defames itself all the time.  Religious followers defame themselves, their own religion and the religions of others — they need absolutely no help in the defamation department.

From American Humanist Association website:

“Blasphemy!” It’s a cry as old as freethought, perhaps as old as religion. It’s also a crime wherever religion can get enough control of government to impose it. And now anti-blasphemy laws are making a comeback-at the United Nations of all places.


“Since ICERD has the force of international law, the amendment would outlaw “defamation of religion” in all countries that ratify it.

“The fight for freedom of conscience goes on.”

The whole article is worth reading.


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