What American Christians May Take For Granted

Jesus-sticker car

American Christians do not live in fear of living their faith openly

The points made are undeniable, and they’re things that I’ve pointed out to Christians when they pull out the “persecution card”.  I’ve pointed out that American Christianity has become unquestionable and above reproach and that American Christians know nothing of persecution.  I’ve pointed out stories of Christians in Muslim countries who are targeted for on-the-spot execution for their beliefs.  None of it registers.

Most of the religious persecution victims in the U.S. are Jews and Muslims according to 2008 Hate Crime statistics.  Anti-Christian biased hate crimes amount to a total of 8.4%.  Anti-Jewish bias, 65.7%.  Anti-Islamic bias, 7.7%.  Religions are very intolerant of each other, that can’t be denied.  I wonder how many offenders of Islamic and Jewish bias hate crimes were Christian?  Just sayin’;  I don’t think the tables break down religion-biased crimes by the faith of the offender.  Just guessing, as us folks without religion mostly just don’t give a goddamn what invisible sky-fairies someone believes in — except when they’re passing legislation to strip rights away from others.

Christians are not being denied expression of what they believe, even though the opposite claim is made.  Here’s an excellent post, “What American Christians May Take For Granted”, by Mark at Proud Atheists(click to read the whole post)

“Belonging to a religious majority in the United States has its privileges, while persons of other monotheistic (like Jews and Muslims) and the polytheistic religions are disregarded. The non-religious are just plain ignored.”


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