CatchThe TeaParty Sarah Palin Madness!

VETS 4 Sarah

VETS-4-SARAH dot net — Palin is rubbing shoulders (christian side-hug, of course!) with the military guys —  “Palin2012!” — Brace yourselves, cavalcade of cretins is coming.  The Tea Party Nation.  How are intelligent people fooled by this gold digger?  Oh, yeh … intelligent people aren’t.  Sadly enough, though, she’s in the list of possibles.

“The list of prospective Republican candidates is lengthy and lacks an obvious front-runner. A CNN poll released this week showed a virtual three-way tie among Palin, Romney and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who also ran in 2008. All had about a fifth of the support of Republicans. Gingrich came in fourth, followed by former Florida governor Jeb Bush, whose family name remains an impediment to any possible near-term presidential aspirations.”

And, don’t forget, there’s an unlimited supply of T-shirts, bumber stickers, buttons and books for all your Patriotic shopping needs.  If you missed anything, there’s, where they’re sooo totally not into the commercialization of patriotism.  The new flag design, featuring the “II” in the center of thirteen stars.  The “II” stands for the Second Amendment and also for the “coming Second Revolution”.

U.S. Revolution II

U.S. Revolution II - Capitalism at it's cheesiest

U.S. Revolution II - Shop 'til you drop your musket


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