Freeper End Times Rant

Freeper End Times Rant

Freeper End Times Rant (click to enlarge)

Excerpt (original emphasis):

“What people really need to remember is that there’s this “big bad Jewish fellow” out there, who’s showing up soon, sorta unexpected, and he’s “looking for bear” and is gonna open up “the biggest can of whoop-ass” you’ve ever seen in your life, on a bunchof people here on earth. LOL

“… He will definitely scrap the Constitution of the United States and make Himself the supreme ruler over all that we do.”

I ran across this delusional rant on FreeRepublic following a link to a news article; these people really do believe this stuff.  Pure craziness.  And, they relish the delicious thought of sinners getting toasted.  Pure craziness.


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