Christians Exhorted To Hate With The “Perfect Hatred” Of God

the Perfect Hatred

"The Perfect Hatred" - God's Hatred

[UPDATE 11/15/2010: The referenced article by Joel McDurmon, “A Perfect Hatred” seems to have been scrubbed from the American Vision website.  — Nope, never mind, it”s been moved HERE, and the link below has been updated.]

“A Perfect Hatred”, by Joel McDermon at American Vision … In short, Christians have a duty to hate as God hates; “hate the sin, hate the sinner, too” because the Bible says so … for certain sinners.  As with the rest of the fanatics, the Bible and their ‘God’ are twisted and used to excuse anything they wish to do already.  It is never a surprise that the “Will of God” always matches the will of the proclaimer of “God’s will”.  … funny how that is.

“Now, it just so happens that God revealed that the homosexual act is a civil crime, and it just so happens that He revealed that the homosexual act as a civil crime deserves the death penalty.”

This McDermon guy is into Dominion theology — Seven Mountains — and believes that the U.S. penal code should be based on Biblical Law™.  Now, never mind how insane it is to believe that stone-age tribal laws can and should be applied to modern civil codes and society, how the hell would this be implemented?  A volunteer “army” of roving Leviticus Squads?  Hell, they do it in Iraq and Iran; they can do it here — there are enough mindless, armed Teabaggers, ya think?  If only they could do away with that pesky Constitution.  Click the quote above to read the entire article and comments afterwards.

McDurmon decries the label of “hater” yet, embraces Holy Hatred.  When one advocates death for a group of people, when one compares a group of people to Nazi gas chamber operators, that is hatred.



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3 responses to “Christians Exhorted To Hate With The “Perfect Hatred” Of God

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  3. David Johnson

    There is hope. God doesn’t hate just the sin of homosexuals. He hates all sin. He hated my taking His name in vain. He hated my blasphemy. He hated my pre-marital sex. He hates divorces, adultery, materialism…..but He also “loved us while we were still sinners” and died on the cross to take the full penalty for my sin and yours.

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