“Dr.” Tam, Hostile Witness, Testifies

Pardon me, but I am pissed off and feeling hostile myself.  Jeezus, this dumb-fuck “Dr.” Tam is one of the biggest goddam pussies I have seen in a long time.  This stupid pedophile-looking motherfucker TESTIFIES in a Court of LAW with already discredited lies that he read on Teh Internets and he believes it (and, he’s a “doctor”).  Stupid motherfucker says he can’t understand English very well, “they all sound alike, English is not my mother tongue” — YET, Mr. can’t-understand-English motherfucker runs a goddamn anti-gay website in English … Mr. can’t-understand-English motherfucker was one of the people running the goddam Proposition 8 drive.


"Dr." William Tam

“Dr.” Tam has the no-nuts to want to DROP OUT when he is legally challenged on a discrimination-driven hate campaign that he had a major part in leading.

Stupid ass Tam’s face is splashed all over a case that he’s responsible for and that he’s is too chicken-shit to be seen associated with it?  My head hurts.  Then I start cussing … (ok, my head doesn’t need to hurt for me to cuss).

He doesn’t like his every move scrutinized, he doesn’t like this intrusion into his private life and a bringing up old articles he wrote against homos.  WHAT THE FUCK does he think he was doing with Proposition 8?  This trial is opening up the layers of blatant hatred towards gay people, already debunked FALSE data, outright lies and unfounded fears — and, he can’t even cite sources for his beliefs on the stand.  He does not want to be held accountable for the countless bigoted actions he’s done.  Wah, it’s not fair.  It’s just not fair that poor little Tammy has to answer for actions that took away basic rights of millions of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, people he doesn’t even know, people he’s willing to stretch far to lie about … just not fair, says little Tammy.  Oh, and don’t make fun of him, either!  (I’m reserving the right to call names and insult the man — WE are the ones being compared to Nazis)

Tammy-boy just may be the best witness for gay rights yet.

From a New York Times article:

Mr. Tam, a 55-year-old immigrant from Hong Kong is the plaintiffs’ vehicle for proving their point that Proposition 8’s success was born of virulent homophobia.

Among the documents pertinent to this argument is an October 2008 Chinese-language essay that Mr. Tam, one of the official sponsors of the ballot measure, distributed on the Web.

It includes a passage saying: “In a macro environment in which homosexuality is gradually accepted as being normal, child molesting by gays is gradually being viewed as normal in academia. Children who were subjected to sexual abuse only know to socialize with other men through sex. When they grow up, they would do the same to other children by molesting children of the same sex. Therefore, gay people grow in numbers even as most of them do not have children of their own.”

No, Tam, you ignorant [%#$&@]. Goddammit!  This is what makes me ANGRY about ignorant bigots.  The LIES that fill up these gullible fundie brains is USED AS FACTUAL MATERIAL TO DISCRIMINATE through LEGISLATION and to RUIN YOUNG PERSONS’ LIVES.  All built on Christian lies.

Below: “Dr.” Tam’s website that he runs, in English that he can’t understand.  Click image to Enlarge.

"Dr." William Tam's anti-gay lie-based website, in English that he can't understand

"Dr." William Tam's anti-gay lie-based website, in English that he can't understand


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