Canadian Christian Church Gets Too Political, Loses Tax-Exempt Status

Praise Money!

Praise be!

A Calgary, Canada church has lost its tax-exempt status for spending too much time on political issues.  I, and many others, have been saying this for years.  TAX the CHURCHES.

  • When churches wish to be actively involved with and instrumental in instituting secular laws which dictate public secular policy and private lives,
  • When churches wish to use TAX-FREE monies to lobby lawmakers to pass discriminatory laws against a group of secular citizens,
  • When churches wish to influence the passage of laws which respect their one religion, cult or sect, but not others,
  • When churches wish to command their flocks which candidates or secular public issues to vote for (or against),
  • When churches wish to take up special collections for a specific political purpose or campaign,
  • When churches wish to put forth discriminatory ballot initiatives, based on lies, to control the lives and families of secular citizens,
  • When churches pull out of charity work feeding poor folks because the other churches are “too accepting”,

… then those churches should pay their taxes.  Christian Church™ must be confronted, it must be questioned.  Religion is based on emotional, irrational and unfounded ideas and should  never be used to influence public laws or policies.

The wing-nuts are starting to explode.  First off, this is easier to happen in Canada where they, unlike us, have laws restricting “hate speech”, and they do not have the same First Amendment free speech rights that we enjoy.  I know that their tiny Fundie minds cannot wrap around these things.  Tough.  They will cry “victim” about anydamnthing.

You can preach all you want about the “culture war” issues … what you should not do is command people how to vote, and even going so far as telling the flocks “you will go to Hell if you vote for so-and-so”.


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One response to “Canadian Christian Church Gets Too Political, Loses Tax-Exempt Status

  1. DayStar Marcus Lamb on November 5, 2014 show promoted a USA politician by name and religion. They also put a flick from Duck Commander promoting a Godly man over existing politician on a US state election.

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