Muslim v. Christian Violence In Nigeria Worsens

Spy v. Spy [Muslim v. Christian]

Muslim v. Christian

Peaceful Muslims and peaceful Christians in Nigeria have been at each others’ throats for years.  Not even their shared hatred for homos can bring them together in harmony.  It works like an Easy Button in the U.S. with Mormons, Catholics and Protestants, traditionally damning each other to Hell, having found the beautiful common ground of arrogance, ignorance, fear and hatred when it comes to gay people.

“Angry Muslim youths” torched a Catholic church packed with worshippers.  Three hundred dead, and expect more as this latest volley has just begun.  It’s in ever-regressing retaliation that this bullshit continues (everywhere in the world), every generation indoctrinating the next, and it never enda.  People fight and die over this imaginary superstition in their heads.  ‘God’ and ‘Allah’ are creations of men, reflecting exactly the nature and desires of each of their creators.


Musa Pam, secretary of a local Christian elders forum, issued a statement Monday claiming the Muslim youths picked Sunday to launch their attack because they knew Christians would be worshipping at church. He asked the police to bring the killers to justice, because Christians were being attacked without cause.

Well, I be damned.  They use that same damn excuse over there as Xtians do in the U.S.!  But the differences: Christians in Nigeria actually torch and torture Muslim fellow citizens in a continuous volley.  In the U.S., we keep our religious wackos under better control,er, mostly; but — American Christians’ claims of “persecution” or “attacks” (on U.S. soil) have as much merit as flying-to-the-moon.  In fact, they have enjoyed a level of unearned respect and deference for many decades; one is considered “un-American” for being non-religious.  That, however, is crumbling.  The American public is beginning to confront, question and rebuke religions for what they are — harmful delusions.

Kabiru Mohammed, a Muslim resident who lost his home in the 2008 violence, told reporters Monday that after he recently started to rebuild his house, local Christian youths surrounded it and demanded that he stop construction.

They said the area now belongs to them,” Mohammed said.

The youths attacked, killing two laborers working on the home, Mohammed said.

Ahmed Garba, a Muslim lawyer, said he escaped being lynched by a group of Christian youths armed with bows and arrows, knives, stones and locally made firearms. He watched as they attacked and stabbed three people.

Notice all the “Muslims youths“, “Christian youths“?  The INDOCTRINATION of CHILDREN is what keeps these tragedies perpetuated.  We have our own radical indoctrination going on here in the U.S.  Jesus Camp, is a 2006 documentary about the Kids On Fire School of Ministry near Devil’s Lake, ND (Is that one of your little jokes, god?) run by Becky Fischer; it was shut down after the film exposed what was going on — training very young children up to teens to be Christian jihadists, to “lay down their lives for Jesus Christ”.  She complains that she’s been accused of indoctrinating kids.  Doh!

Yes, there is something very wrong with training young minds into religious extremist ideologies, whether it’s Muslim or Christian — it is child abuse.  Young kids who’ve never had a full education (if any) or even had a life yet, saddled with heavy adult issues which they cannot control or understand.  This has a very damaging effect on kids and an obvious damaging effect on culture.


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