Uganda’s Own Version Of Peter LaBarbera – Only More Perverse

Martin Ssempa - member of Ugandan Parliament and is one sick puppy

Ssempa - a Ssick puppy

Wow.  Just fucking w-o-w.  Martin Ssempa, Uganda’s parliament member who drafted the “kill-the-gays bill”, showed a press conference photos and video clips of the most sickening fetish porn he could find — poo-eating, and therefore, “proof” of what ALL homos do, and “proof” for passing the genocidal legislation.  Hey, Martin!  Are you just patently insane, or are you secretly obsessed with your shit (oops, pun) like our own gay-sex-and-porn-obsessed Peter LaBarbera.  (…. Reaction Formation … just sayin’)

Most of the attendees walked out in disgust, leaving a bewildered Ssempa and an “ex-gay” woman there to give “testimony”, and a small handful of others.  People like Ssempa and LaBarbera have obvious deep-seated, weird, fucked-up issues in those heads of theirs.

The Peter says that we don’t have a right to meddle in Uganda’s public policy.  Peter pretends that he does not know what is in the bill and I believe he’s lying.  Peter, “we” are the ones who instigated  and inspired this insane legislation.

Peter now condemns Warren Throckmorton, a Christian professor at Grove City College (PA), for  his urging Ugandan Christians to remember Jesus’ words.

“I urge my brethren in beautiful Uganda to follow the example of Jesus. Please, for the sake of Christ, put down your stones.”

Basically, The Peter says “Screw Jesus!”  Then, he goes off, along with a cavalcade of other religious f*cktards, criticizing the Mormon Church’s recent acceptance of gay rights protections in Salt Lake City.

In typical LaBarbera fashion, he fired off his missive without having a clue about what the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill would do. Most amazingly, he even brags about his ignorance:

“Nope. What we’re seeing here is sheer Western activist arrogance. … I haven’t yet studied the proposed Ugandan legislation [my note: LIAR!] but I agree with Bob Knight’s analysis below — and AFTAH is clearly on record opposing draconian penalties for homosexuality like those imposed by jihadist Islamic radicals.”

No Peter, arrogance is going off half-cocked without knowing what you’re even talking about. But them that’s exactly par for the course. It’s just good to see that for once you admit it.

Okay, so Peter doesn’t want to see gay people tortured with electric drills and surgical glues before they are killed. Good to know. But other than that, what does he support?

Peter LaBarbera’s tacit approval of the death penalty for gay people is disgusting and reprehensible.  Whether he thinks so or not.  And, Martin Ssempa is one more sick and reprehensible human being to mock and expose for what they are.


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