Tony Perkins, FRC: Evil Homos Want To Rape Our Military!!1!

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins at the Value Voters' Summit

Family Research Council's Tony "Gays-will-rape-my-ass" Perkins

Christian white-supremacist Tony Perkins will not cease with his idiotic and laughable gay-panic rants and his outright lies and slanderous statements.  He pretends to believe (how can someone be this dense?) that deviant, sex-hungry, homosexual rapists want to go on a crazed frenzy and defile their fellow servicemen.  Most people know how full of shit he is, and so do most of the military, but too many ignorant dense followers just lap it up like gravy.

“Last night in his State of the Union Address, President Obama repeated his call for Congress to repeal the military eligibility law that was passed in 1993, and to allow homosexual conduct within the ranks of the armed forces.

“This would put our military in the strange position of actively recruiting personnel who have an expressed intention to violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice (which still prohibits certain forms of sexual conduct, including homosexuality). Forcing soldiers to cohabit with people who view them as sexual objects would inevitably lead to increased sexual tension, sexual harassment, andeven sexual assault. America’s military exists to fight and win wars –not to engage in radical social engineering.”

Dear Tony: “Homosexual conduct”? Conduct like … SERVING THEIR COUNTRY, A-HOLE?  But, what exactly are you talking about, Tony?  I have zero respect for liars and people who ignorantly defame  and slander good people whom they DO NOT KNOW.)

The “intentions” that Gay MEN and WOMEN  have when enlisting in the military is TO DO THEIR JOBS to the fullest of their abilities, NOT to rape fellow soldiers.  They are REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN who are mentally and physically capable to enlist, men and women who are serious in their commitments in life and to the military.   As the good Christian that you are, Mr. Perkins, do not bear false witness against good citizens, especially citizens serving their country.  You should heed that advice, Mr. Perkins, says that god and book you cling to, says one of those Ten Commandments that none of you people follow.
You, Tony Perkins, are insulting to every gay man and woman I know who have already proudly served in our military, and by extension, you are insulting and damaging our military efforts (example: Arab language translators — they’re kinda needed right now).  My partner served in the USAF almost thirty-five years ago; he was an aircraft mechanic, one of the best, and not once did he try to rape anybody, you insulting piece of crap.  After his military service, he went on to serve his community for 25 years as a law enforcement officer.  Gay MEN and WOMEN elect to serve in the military for the same reasons as anyone else.  They are serious about their lives and commitments to their families and country.  Gay MEN and WOMEN do not join the military to look for sex; they do not  join the military to ogle other people, you IGNORANT, FEAR-MONGERING, LYING ASSHOLE.
But, hey, I have somethingelse you can look into, being that you fear for the chastity of our service men and women … If you truthfully have concerns for “sexual tension, harassment, and assault”, then look into the very real and very concealed problem of heterosexual man-on-woman rape in the military.
Or, are heterosexual rape and misconduct perfectly OK with you, Tony?  It seems NOBODY will address this because of IGNORANT f–ks like YOU with your Gay-Panic™ rants about open, honest, upright gay MEN and WOMEN who are NO THREAT to ANYONE.
Tony, how about calling out those heterosexual deviants and rapists — they are the perpetrators of “sexual tension, harassment, and assault” that so concerns you — god-ordained heterosexuals are the ones with “intentions” of breaking the Military Code.
You send out your baseless email rants KNOWING that most people do not actually read the text of any bills that are proposed (they’re busy or too lazy), and KNOWING that they count on you to tell them facts and truth, KNOWING that if you scare people enough, they will rush to do as commanded.  (This is one of the major problems with the religious crowd — total ignorance and total dependence.)
C’mon, WHAT is going through these IGNORANT, sick heads of these “christians”, politicians and preachers?  The flaming ignorance and goddamn LIES make my blood boil.  CHRISTIANS — STOP YOUR LYING.


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5 responses to “Tony Perkins, FRC: Evil Homos Want To Rape Our Military!!1!

  1. Tom

    I sent the above Letter to Tony Perkins via his FRC website contact form. Will be interesting to see IF they respond.

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