FRC’s Peter Sprigg, Another Sociopath, Says: Outlaw “Gay Behavior”

Can someone please tell me what the fuck is “gay behavior”?

Well, anyway, Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council, thinks there outta be a law against it.  This statement comes right behind another sociopath, Focal Point’s Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association.

Normally, my behavior … er, gay behavior, is polite and reserved, until dumb fucks start making public statements wanting me to be imprisoned or executed.  Then my gay behavior becomes angry; the intense gay disrespect for liars and whack-jobs kicks in; then my gay behavior gets loud.  My gay behavior becomes confrontational; my gay behavior gets unreasonable and wants to plant my large gay fist square in the face of said liars (that’s the ‘southern boy’ part of me).

Peter, Tony and their ilk … they are sociopaths.  Zero empathy, zero concern for the impact of their actions on others, unbounded arrogance and narcissism, compulsive lying, diverting negative attention onto others — but, hey — they’re Christian Sociopaths, so it’s O.K.  Here’s a video of Peter Sprigg telling Chris Matthews exuberantly exclaiming “Yes!” to the criminalization of gay people.

Update: Oh yeah, Sprigg is the one who voiced his idea for “exporting” the gay people, shipping them out of the country.  Genius, I say.


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One response to “FRC’s Peter Sprigg, Another Sociopath, Says: Outlaw “Gay Behavior”

  1. stevemd2

    This asshole is an ordained baptist minister. the same church that came into being in the USA as the bullwark of slavery, and was behind the KKK and segregation,

    And he also is on the board of PFOX. The fix the gays group. I know a man, Bill – ultra – catholic, who was “fixed”. We’ve had many discussions over dinner.

    I finally got to the root and depth of his hatred. Remember the vicious Matthew Shepard Murder in 1998 in Wyoming, and that nutcase Phelps and his Westboro baptist church who celebrated at the funeral.

    Well this ultra catholic said to me “Matthew Shepard’s parents should have fixed him”. He blamed Matttew’s parents for their sons murder.

    This is the depth of selfhatred and fear of hell that the fix the gays group creates in their fix program.

    And to save their soul, these people become the very worst of worst of the haters in America.

    Its also reasonable to assume that spriggs is gay, and fits the definition above.

    I showed the pix of his buddy boy Perkins who heads the FRC, to 10 gay people. Nine of them are convinced Perkins is gay. That ‘s kind of my sense of it also. The wiercd smile etc. He kind of reminds me of the jerk in our MD state legislature who is always putting in gay marriage ban bills. BTW, I knew kids who knew his kids, via a part time job I had. The kids showed their respect for their father, so I am told, by saying he is a “nut case paranoid”. And of course his older daughter was being screwed , even in group sex scenes.

    And re the Westboro baptist church, and Phelps, Phelps was abused and beaten by his drunken father. So he abused and beat his kids, and even had some of them beat the others. Abused become abusers in a never ending cycle

    Its also reasonable to assume that Spriggs and possibly Perkins are similar to Phelps due to the same reason.

    And I’ll toss this one out for thought.

    The catholic church has been found to be hiding endless abuse of children all over the world. No wonder it is dead in Europe, and dying in Latin America, as equality for gay people takes over from bigotry and our talibangelicals need to always hate someone to sell their “love”.

    Is is possible that the church benefits from child abuse? The children are so hurt that it gives the church heirarchy the opportunity to twist their minds to become ultra- catholic, including people like my so called friend Bill I described above?

    On this one I don’t know, but the shoe seems to fit.

    As well as the fact that the church hid these crimes for decades if not centuries. Because they needed the money the priests bring in. Money is power, and power begets money.

    Far more then they wanted to protect the children. the same children whom they claim they are protecting from gays

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