Religious Crazy Train Is At Full Throttle

The Christian Crazy Train is speeding down the tracks and the brakes are gone.  The more these fuckwits talk, the crazier they get; and now we have convicted felon Oliver North’s insane talk on FOX claiming that after gays are “allowed in” the military, there will be NAMBLA chapters set up and pedophiles will take up base housing.  Is this motherfucker HIGH ON SOMETHING???

The RRW’s are in fucking gay-panic mode and they are losing their minds completely.    What IS IT with these fucking people and NAMBLA (as if that isn’t obvious)?  When is someone going to seriously question the sanity of these people?

Video via: RawStory

What is it with these people and NAMBLA, I ask?  Well, since these motherfuckers want to bring up NAMBLA all the goddamn time, then let’s talk about goddamn NAMBLA.

It is one of the very favorite tools used by the religious freak-bags to demonize all gay men, even though the entire LGBT community has shunned them from their inception, because it plays into their Christian LIES false claims that most gay men and lesbians are pedophiles.  This little club barely exists today, and is nothing but a handful of old pedophiles.  The wiki entry says they meet in NYC and SF and around the country, but notes “clarification needed“.  These freaks actually maintain a website, protected by the First Amendment, which unfortunately allows speech advocating crimes.

This is from an article I just found.  A 2005 FBI bust (emphasis added):

Law enforcement officials and mental health professionals say that while NAMBLA’s membership numbers are small, the group has a dangerous ripple effect through the Internet by sanctioning the behavior of those who would abuse children.

“A lot of people who commit sexual crimes against children won’t believe it is wrong,” said Gregg Michel, a San Diego psychologist who interviews sex offenders for Superior Court sentencings. “An organization like this basically says it is not.”

San Diego police Sgt. Dave Jones, who oversees a group of investigators working on Internet crimes against children, says NAMBLA’s Web site often pops up in computers on which they find child pornography.

Saturday, the FBI arrested three NAMBLA members at Harbor Island as they waited for a boat that undercover agents told them would sail to Ensenada for a sex retreat over Valentine’s Day with boys as young as 9.

Excuse me while I go throw up.

… The FBI says at least one of the men is a member of the group’s national leadership, a second organized the group’s national convention last year and a third said he had been a member since the 1980s.

The NAMBLA investigation is part of a crackdown on people authorities have termed sex tourists, those who cross state and national borders for illicit sex.

The practice also has led to new federal laws targeting sex tourism crimes.

… The organization’s sexual advocacy is protected by the First Amendment.

“Everyone has the right to assemble and espouse whatever belief they want,” said Dan Dzwilewski, head of the FBI’s San Diego office.

But HOW, if they know some of these crimes are committed because someone got “pointers” or gained “courage” to commit a crime by reading the website, and they’ve busted members of the group committing the crimes they advocate, WHY is the website allowed to be still running?

Now, attention Christian fundaMENTALists: Stop it with the goddam NAMBLA BULLSHIT.  Anybody with a goddamn brain knows how full of shit you are.  Stop it with your LYING CHRISTIAN TONGUES, it is getting really old and really predictable.


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