Online Sting Busts Man Trolling For Little Girls

Justin Eugene Ice - heterosexual child predator

creepy dude arrested trolling the internets for little girls

Just in the next county over, near Bend, Oregon, a 22-year-old young man was busted trolling for little girls on the internets.  An investigator posed as a thirteen year old girl.

And, of course, this proves that all heterosexuals are looking to molest children.  Of course that is a ridiculous statement, but that is exactly how the christianist anti-gay hate groups would trumpet this story had the targeted victim been a male minor.

IN FACT, this guy here is the typical profile of the typical child molester.  A self-identifying heterosexual white male in his twenties.  A pedophile does not necessarily prefer one sex over the other.  Anti-gay propaganda organizations and websites repeatedly spread falsehoods linking out and open gay adult men and women to pedophilia.


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