Lying Bag of Excrement Nancy Elliot (R) NH

Nancy "Excrement-for-Brains Liar" Elliot, (R) NH

Nancy "Excrement-for-Brains Liar" Elliot, (R) NH

Nancy Elliot, excrement-for-brains Republican State Representative in New Hampshire, apologizes for her public statement last week in a special meeting regarding the upcoming vote on HB1590 to repeal the newly enacted marriage equality laws.

She claimed that 5th graders in a Nashua school classroom were shown pictures of two men butt-fucking and were told how they could do it, too.  She described:

We’re talking about taking the penis of one man, and putting it into the rectum of another man, and wiggling it around in excrement, and you have to think. I’m not sure. Would I allow that to be done to me? All of us — that could happen to you — Would you like that happen to you? Is that normal? Is that something that we want to portray as the same as the one-flesh union between a man and a woman?

The school officials denied her claim and demanded to know WTF she was talking about.  She kinda put them in the suspect position of allowing such a thing to happen.  And, it didn’t.  And, what-the-F? “would you like that to happen to you?” Like, if gay marriage is allowed, then gays will sneak up behind you to bugger your ass?  Her apology:

“I will try much harder in the future to verify fully my statement.”

Meaning, “I’ll be more careful to cover my ass next time I lie about something”

Nashua school officials have insisted her charge was false. On Tuesday, Elliott said she went back to her source of the statement to verify the information.

“I found that I could not confirm the accuracy of the information,” she said.

Elliott, who is president of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women, insisted that she would not have made the statement if she didn’t believe it were true.

No, how ’bout it’s because the Lady is a LYING BAG of EXCREMENT.  Her “source” was her own devious mind and she realized that she fucked up.  (Or maybe she’s been talking to Porno Pete — it’s right up his “alley”) —  She MADE the SHIT UP to scare people and gross them out to vote down rights for those icky, icky gay men.  That’s the thing about the whole goddamn “war on gays” thing that the religious right has going — it is always ALL about gay MEN  .

Nashua Superintendent Mark Conrad said Elliott never called a specific school or the school district to report the incident, and there was no evidence the incident ever happened.

Conrad said he left a message for Elliott Friday and, as of Tuesday, had not received a call back.

Elliott has not returned multiple phone calls from The Telegraph and was not available to be interviewed at the committee meeting Tuesday.

‘Cuz the Lady knows she done-been caught LYING

Over the weekend, Ward 3 Alderman Diane Sheehan said she would seek for Elliott to be removed from office unless she either recanted her statement or provided evidence to support it.

Sheehan said Tuesday that Elliott’s statement still didn’t answer the question about why she didn’t report the call to police or the school district.

“She left herself a lot of wiggle room,” Sheehan said. “I still think that something needs to be done further.”

YES! She said “wiggle room” – BWAHAHA

Sheehan said she received significant public support in asking Elliott to explain herself.

And she should.

Now, since these morons cannot stop thinking about or talking about kinky, dirty sex, let’s bring up one little FACT: One out of 3 HETEROSEXUAL women and about 4 out of 10HETEROSEXUAL men have at least tried, but moreso actively practice, ANAL SEX.  And, dear Nancy, most probably, has had her back door knocked on, I betcha.  She did state that she sat back and thought about it.  “Would I allow that to be done to me?”  BINGO.

Representative Nancy “Excrement-for-brains Liar” Elliot is now on record as having had someone (her husband, I hope) try buttsecks on her.  Well, one could interpret it that way.  And NO, that ain’t how it’s done, Nancy-poo.  Nancy should be aware that her sexual acts can be described in very nasty terms, but guys still like to do it with their woman anyways.  Hopefully her husband still does.  (I deleted the description I had typed … it’s been demonstrated to her all over the interwebs already since she made her public LIES … some jokes about rotting tuna, somethin’, I dunno)

The point is, you can make any act of sex sound really gross.  None of it is pretty, done right.  And heterosexuals have lots of kinky, nasty sex.  Even in marriage.

The more these morons keep opening their mouths, the more they lie, the more they say ignorant shit, and the crazier they look.


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