For The Record, Molotov Mitchell Should Check The Facts First

The most-read Christian website (and the fourth most-read conservative site), WorldNutDaily, posted the below video by WND columnist “Molotov Mitchell” for his “For the Record” rants.  (“Molotov“, the Russian word for big flaming liar)  Why can’t any of these people goddamn think for themselves and do some fact-checking?  It’s pretty obvious that the dood hasn’t even read the text of the proposed Bill in the Ugandan legislature.  After the fold, I want to point out a few fallacies.

Banner at beginning: “UGANDA GETS TOUGH” — No, Uganda is being lead by U.S. evangelicals’ false propaganda to introduce this barbaric legislation that should be against any rational person’s sensibilities.

0:14 “merciless taunting from some lesbian chick on MSNBC” (Rachel Maddow) — You really must be kidding, but I know you’re not.

0:19 “WARREN CAVES TO GAYS … AGAIN” — Caves to gays?  Really, when was the first time?  Molotov rakes Warren for saying the legislation is “unchristian”.  To the big flamer, murdering innocent people is the christian thing to do.

0:30 “the Bible is where Ugandans got the idea in the first place” — No shit, dood, and while you’re quoting Leviticus, check out what your god says about that tattoo on yer arm.  Blame “God” for your own immoral views.  And he brings up the Founding Fathers and makes inaccurate claims about sodomy laws.

1:00 “King Mwanga” — Glad you brought that up, but you leave out quite a few details, like King Mwanga was 16-20 years old during his first reign over Buganda, and had 16 wives and 11 children.  It was the older men and the teenaged male pages of the Court who were sexually abused by the child king, not an adult king abusing children.  (Also, this matter of history falsifies the claim, by Ssempa and others, that “European and U.S. homosexual activists” imported homosexuality to Uganda.  Sexuality is an innate part of all human beings.)

So anyways, the Catholic, Protestant and Muslim missionaries, who were played against each other by Mwanga’s father (the previous ruler), started  condemning the child king for his sexual proclivities.  The 45 young pages were executed for failing to renounce their newly adopted Christian faith.

1:19 “22 Catholic martyrs” Yep, he roasted alive 22 Catholics and a newly-installed archbishop.  Catholics are going to Hell, anyways … just kiddin’ … that’s what the Baptists say!

So then, there is a HUGE motherfucking difference between a sadistic, murderous 19th-century pagan ruler who sexually tortured his servants, and “lowly” regular citizens of Uganda today who are being targeted by a Christian government for no valid reason.

About Sodom and Gomorrah: The whole characterization of the “sodomite king” is warped and exploited to serve the anti-gay agenda.  Not to mention the whole Sodom/Gomorrah story that christian extremists completely rewrite to serve their agenda.  First off, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the Köfels asteroid impact recorded by many civilizations, including the Genesis account, pinpointed to have taken place shortly before dawn on June 29 in the year 3123 B.C.  Hardly the act of a supernatural being, unless you believe that God sent the Haitian earthquake, Katrina/Rita, and other natural disasters.  Secondly, the story in the Bible was about rape, not consensual sex.  Links regarding the Genesis account: TheTimesOnlineUK,, )

2:15 “not a witch hunt … gays are more than free to leave Uganda” —  Wrong, Asshole, they are not free to leave the country.  If you knew WTF you were talking about, then you would know that the law will reach internationally and extradite gay citizens back to Uganda for punishment and execution.  Also, the average Ugandan citizen living on $2USD/day cannot just up-and-leave for an intercontinental flight.  KNOW what the fuck you’re talking about instead of spreading misinformation to a highly gullible audience.  And, you are correct … it’s not a witch hunt, it’s a gay hunt … and anyone who knows “a gay” or related to “a gay”.  BTW, christians in Africa are hunting down children suspected of being witches and killing them.

2:20 “don’t compare this with Nazi Germany” — whoa, dude.  Sociopath Scott Lively is on video explaining to Ugandans in detail how [paraphrased] “homosexual men are soulless, heartless killers just like the homosexuals running the Nazi gas chambers”.  He made them believe, with his propaganda book “The Pink Swastika”, that homosexual men were running the goddamn Nazi horror.  He made them believe that gay men and women today hunt down children.  Look into it, Bro.

2:28 “founding fathers would fully support this” — They hanged witches, owned slaves, too.  Punishment for male/male child sexual abuse included flogging, or whipping the child victim; that is detestable.  The death penalty for “sodomy” was dropped following independence from Great Britain.

I am so tired of these people who invoke the “founding fathers” as though they were infallible deities.  Today, in the 21st Century, science has recognized that sexual orientation is innate and we just really don’t put people to death because of their sexual orientation or because we think they might be a witch. We don’t condone slave ownership today, either, Molotov Fuck-Face.    And Mitchell brings up bestiality — WTF is with these people who cannot stop thinking about sex with animals — Mitchell probably gets a “tingle up his leg” every time he thinks about it.

3:00 Mitchell invokes Martin Luther King, Jr. — I really, seriously doubt that MLK would have condoned putting Bayard Rustin to death.  Mitchell should be ashamed for claiming that MLK would be for this atrocity in Uganda; his family today has one member who has expressed anti-gay sentiments, but the others have publicly supported gay rights.

3:10 “Uganda, stay on the right side of history” — yeah, stay classy, Jason “Molotov” Mitchell.

I read it on BTB, JMG, TBP



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4 responses to “For The Record, Molotov Mitchell Should Check The Facts First

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  2. avrage joe

    oh please you people attack him with your foul language and ignorant rants you’re a bloody Hippocratic no one said this was news it’s an opinon don’t like it don’t watch it and any sane person who reads what you haters or brainwashed fools say is all cuss words and insults you’re not helping your case by making yourself look like an asshole I don’t agree with all of what Jason says but I also strongly disagree with you raging loons and your twisted arguments you base on crazy ideas you adopted or false facts you learned in school

    when you better yourself and become a wholesome person then talk to me if he’s wrong or right or just don’t watch him

    • Tom

      Here, I’ll ‘splain this to ya … Liars piss me off, especially Liars For Jesus. Facts are an incredibly inconvenient thing for religionists to deal with.
      Mitchell’s video is not news?? No shit, Sherlock!! He’s a columnist and entertainer who goes to great lengths producing cheesy videos where he presents his opinions as fact, he presents his religion as fact, and makes a living doing it, and like any other religious fraudster espousing Lies For Jesus in public, he is open to harsh criticism. WND, like OneNewsNow, is known for, busted for, fabricating news stories or editing stories from outside sources and then quoting the edited version, without linking to the original — perfect place for his type.

      Mitchell is woefully ignorant of the facts of what is happening in Uganda — zero knowledge on the subject. He has zero knowledge of what christianity in Africa is. Pastors fighting and blackmailing other rival pastors; pastors who have children hunted down and tortured, maimed or killed because they are supposedly “witches”. On and on, man, do research, read.

      This blog is a smack in the head to fundies (read side bar). No apologies for the rants on religious liars — besides pointing out their inaccuracies, there is nothing left but sarcasm and ridicule. I’ve lost patience and fed up with ‘brainwashed fools’ and their blind obedience to a book of violent fairy tales. Mitchell even calls himself “Zealot” (in another video) boasting his Super Christian Morals™. The Zealots, by the way, were one of the 1st Century murderous christian sects who fought and killed each other over their fictional Jesus. Regardin insults, Mitchell went to the trouble of producing another cheesy video, complete with fake laugh tracks, starring his very unfunny “comedienne” wife in which she cheerfully says that “fag” is a really great word to use — it made me immediately think how great the phrase “donkey-faced cunt” sounded. But, I try not to use language like that. You should read some christian sites and the really nasty things christians say in them and comments they leave on other sites — nasty bunch.

      Learn something about current events, about world history. Research and read.

      Oh yeh, “hypocrites” (learn to spell it, if you’re going to use it) would be people who wear fake sensitivities over “bad words” while promoting false information and corrupt religious death cults that ruin lives. There’s nothing more ‘unwholesome’ than religion.

      • brad thomson

        Do the liars that tell you …oh wait fail to tell you in fact bury…the health related statistics on homosexuality “piss you off” as dear writer…? Does it piss you off that the left consitently ignores its own polls and statisical data on homosexulaity, single parent out comes on children, the down sides of promiscuity…..somehow I am thinking know…your to deep in the cool aid. Point of fact although I call my self a christian it is more to the fact that the bible is a better road map for society than following the week kneed’d blow with the whims of wind man kind and ilk like you. Noice too that it is possible to insult and ignorant self absorbed centrist such as your self without using profanity as well.
        Good day, sir!

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