“Flying Witch” On Trial In Zimbabwe

This is more of the results of Christianity in Africa.  A witch is on trial in Zimbabwe.  She flies 120 kilometres at night, naked with two other naked witches in a straw basket, doing … you know, witchy things.

These are the same Christian people continent-wide who hunt down children suspected of being witches; the children are imprisoned, brutally tortured, mutilated, and/or killed.  They are the same Christians murdering gays in Africa.  These are the same Christians defended by the likes of Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, who apparently thinks that Christianity in Africa has anything in common with American Christianity.

From the flying witch article in Afrik.com (emphasis added):

Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe has asked for expert opinion before passing sentence. After listening to Jambaya’s evidence on Thursday, Guvamombe ordered Chief Mangwende to be summoned to give his opinion on June 4. The magistrate has also ordered that the woman be kept in custody, “just in case she flies back to Murehwa”.

Jambaya said the woman’s account confirmed what traditional healers have always believed about witches and wizards. He told the court: “According to my knowledge, if the woman said she flew from Murehwa in a basket, then she is a witch. Witches do a lot of this and they are known to travel naked at night.

It is also possible for witches to travel as far as South Africa during the night for the purposes of witchcraft, flying back as soon as their mission is accomplished. Some people use magic to protect their homes and families against witchcraft and in such cases, the witches and wizards become powerless and are subsequently exposed.”

Christianity in Africa is blended with Voodoo traditions that go way back in history.  When you try to force Western Christianity onto a people, things go very wrong, very quickly.  Just look at Iraq.  Look at Uganda, which has been “Christianized” since about the mid-1800’s, and in the past couple of decades has been heavily influenced by Christian Dominion theology (Seven Mountains theology).



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  1. witches are realy there and most of them are up to no good.they are there to harm.they are jelousy about one’s lifestyle

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