How Will Lying Christians Repent And Find The Truth?

How can these people possibly think they are following their “holy” religion?  They lie con-stant-ly.  (Islam actually gives permission to lie about unbelievers, but I’m not aware of any such rule in Christianity, although I’m sure they’d make that one up real quick just like they make up the rest of it as they go along!)

I just heard an audio of Tony Perkins that makes me fume.  One of the biggest CHRISTIAN LIARS walking around is talking about “truth”!  He goes on and on about how gays are “held captive by the enemy”.  He talks about speaking the “truth of God” — um, that’s your words, Tony, your “truth”, written by stone-age and bronze-age tribesmen, not some (imaginary) god, and it is bent and twisted to fit your particular sect of Christianity.  He talks about how he just loooves us homoseckshuls.  Fucking LIAR.  At least be honest about your hatred like your “brother-in-Christ” Joel McDurmon.

Perkins talks about his “redemptive heart”.  Makes me want to fucking hurl.  He talks, using that smooth pastor-like tone of phony concern, talks about gays’ “destructive lifestyle”.  WTF?!  See, these complain about promiscuity in gays (as if there are no promiscuous heteros!) but when there are gay people who want to MARRY and be devoted to each other, and who do not live promiscuous lifestyles like soooo many heterosexuals do, well, “they” can’t have that, either, and call it “destructive”.  Religion must create broken people to perpetuate itself.  Religion must make people believe, as many as they can, that they are Hell-bound shit without whatever X Brand Religion that they can only get from them.

There is nothing destructive about two people living together, whether opposite sex or same, that are true to each other, respect each other, and build a life together, so FUCK YOU, TONY PERKINS.  That’s right — FUCK YOUR DECEIT, your Plastic Religion is so full of vile, inhumane garbage — FUCK YOU and your white-supremacist homophobic false-witness-bearing, money-grubbing, tax-exempt, phony, insulting, Phariseean religious garbage.  I do not care how big of a christian you THINK you are, you are still a lying hypocrite.  I do not care if you THINK your religion is true, you still bear false witness in public.  Lies are lies, Mr. Perkins, and cloaking them in haughty religious pomp makes them even more repulsive.

These people — Tony Perkins, Brian Fischer, Peter Sprigg, Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Linda Harvey, Joel McDurmon, Scott Lively, Alan Chambers, Richard Cohen, Caleb Lee Brundidge, David Bahati, Martin Ssempa, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Mike Heath, Randall Terry, the LaHayes, Pat Robertson, Don Schmierer, Rick Warren, Sally Kern, Laura Higgins, Don Wildmon, Gary Randall, Ken Hutcherson, Bishop Harry Jackson … on and on, these are all that came to the top of my head …

… These people are directly responsible for the destructive attitudes that took away my son’s chance to have a Dad, the destructive attitudes that cost me a job and almost cost me my home that I designed and built … these people promote the attitudes that destroyed one of my sibling’s relationships with the rest of her family … these people are not of love, they are of hate, they are of division, these “christians” …

… These people are directly responsible for the growing anti-gay and racist bullshit coming out everywhere; the number of anti-gay physical violence, as reported by FBI statistics, is rising, as well as racial attacks.  While Christians are persecuted around the globe, (true persecution, not what American christianists claim is persecution) they more than make up for it here in the U.S. and in countries like Uganda.

These people are complaining that their First Amendment Rights are threatened or taken away.  They are complaining that Christians are being somehow silenced — god, what B.S.!  They run this country pushing their Bible Nonsense into civil codes.

Then Perkins blathers on about how gay people are “trapped in depraved lives of sin” — ARRGH!  FUCK YOU, PERKINS!  I am sick of the pompous B.S. from these depraved fucks living their double-lives.  I know they have this mental image of what all gay people are, and it’s a LIE and they keep telling it.  I know they want to portray all gay people as sex-starved predators because it instills fear into their intellectually captive audience to keep the flow of money coming in.  Bottom line.  These brilliant religious moguls created the “culture war” because it is the most profitable tool they possess.

I have worked hard all my life, done all the things one is “supposed to do”, given my life to caring for my loved ones dying around me; I have let all the shit roll off my back, I have persevered, I have endured many hardships that would have broken many people, even the religious; I have had to start my life over five times, and every time, I have picked myself up and carried on, I’ve had a wonderful life and I will be goddamned if I will remain silent now while these Pharisees run good people down with their hypocritical, pompous. soul-killing garbage.


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