TVC’s Disgusting And Dishonest Scare Propaganda

the immoral TVC's shameless slander of U.S. soldiers

the Immoral "Traditional Values" Coalition's shameless slander of our U.S. military MEN and WOMEN

Christians, LYING AGAIN to scare people into giving them money, I know, what a goddamn surprise.

The immoral “Traditional Values” Coalition, with their outright shameful slander of our U.S. military men and women, go the traditional christian route of using false imagery, lies and scare tactics.  This “lady” went out of her way to find her effeminate male dressed in costume at some gay parade.  Nice one, Andrea Lafferty, you slanderous, disrespectful, lying cow.  (I won’t call her a “bitch” because I love dogs, and would not want to insult poor. defenseless female canines.  Zero respect for this cow and the others in the herd.)

The sad part is, these people really ARE THIS STUPID.  I know one of the points of christianity is to “separate yourselves from the world”, but all that does is make these stupid, ignorant, brainless sheep targets of derision.  And, they’re TOO STUPID TO KNOW that what they’re saying is stupid.  This stupid woman, Andrea Lafferty says (emphasis added):

Lafferty, slanderous lies against our soldiers

“When I was sitting in that hearing room listening to Senator Levin and other pompous liberals blather on about the importance of gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, I felt sick to my stomach. But, I was also filled with anger that some Members of Congress would be so willing to undermine our military in order to cater to a small minority of individuals who love to engage in bizarre sex acts.

This Lafferty person makes my stomach turn.  First off, do these people, who have been coming out in the news lately with absolutely bizarre statements, actually think that men and women join the military so that they can fuck each other?  Yes, they do, they ARE that stupid and it makes my mind reel.  Secondly, does this  woman have ANY IDEA what BIZARRE SEX that HETEROSEXUALS do with each other?  And is Lafferty going to address the fact that 1-in-3 women are RAPED by HETEROSEXUAL MALE service members.  Does that have to do with the military relaxing it’s standards and enlisting criminals, neo-Nazis and skin-heads?  What sex people have is so totally irrelevant to this issue.  No one joins the military to goddamn party and have sex, GOD WHAT STUPID people.  Nobody joins the military so they can “ogle” nekkid people.

My partner served this country in the military 30 years ago; he has recently retired from 25 years of service as a parole officer.  Not one time did he try to rape someone in the service.  None of my other friends who served in the military ever raped anyone while they were there.  I know, amazing, right.

First, of UTMOST IMPORTANCE, gay men and women hold jobs in the military such as ARABIC TRANSLATORS.  We’ve lost a lot of them, like 58, because of DADT.  What countries are we fighting in?  Liars like Andrea Lafferty, Elaine Donnelly, Tony Perkins, are working to damage our military and defaming good soldiers with their bullshit.:

The lack of qualified translators has been a pressing issue for some time — the Army had filled only half its authorized positions for Arabic translators in 2001. Cables went untranslated on Sept. 10 that might have prevented the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Today, the American Embassy in Baghdad has nearly 1,000 personnel, but only a handful of fluent Arabic speakers.

Gay men and women want to be able to not live a LIE, something these christianists cannot comprehend.  It is already a known fact that most enlisted service members don’t give a shit about someone’s sexual orientation.  They just don’t.  Here’s an article I found … an Arabic translator fired simply for being.

I could have written a statement denying that I was homosexual, but lying did not seem like the right thing to do. My roommate made the same decision, though he was allowed to remain in Iraq until the scheduled end of his tour.

The result was the termination of our careers, and the loss to the military of two more Arabic translators. The 68 other — heterosexual — service members remained on active duty, despite many having committed violations far more egregious than ours; the Pentagon apparently doesn’t consider hate speech, derogatory comments about women or sexual misconduct grounds for dismissal.

My supervisors did not want to lose me. Most of my peers knew I was gay, and that didn’t bother them. I was always accepted as a member of the team. And my experience was not anomalous: polls of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan show an overwhelming majority are comfortable with gays. Many were aware of at least one gay person in their unit and had no problem with it.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” does nothing but deprive the military of talent it needs and invade the privacy of gay service members just trying to do their jobs and live their lives. Political and military leaders who support the current law may believe that homosexual soldiers threaten unit cohesion and military readiness, but the real damage is caused by denying enlistment to patriotic Americans and wrenching qualified individuals out of effective military units. This does not serve the military or the nation well.

Consider: more than 58 Arabic linguists have been kicked out since “don’t ask, don’t tell” was instituted. How much valuable intelligence could those men and women be providing today to troops in harm’s way?

In addition to those translators, 11,000 other service members have been ousted since the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was passed by Congress in 1993. Many held critical jobs in intelligence, medicine and counterterrorism. An untold number of closeted gay military members don’t re-enlist because of the pressure the law puts on them. This is the real cost of the ban — and, with our military so overcommitted and undermanned, it’s too high to pay.

This is stupidity and it is detrimental to our military.  People like Andrea Lafferty need to be put in their place and stop this ridiculous slander of great men and women defending our country.


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