Christian Site Poll Reveals: Even Jesus Can’t Cure Teh Gay

Hardeeharhar.  OnesNewsNow’s stoopid poll they ran was freeped into oblivion.  Really surprised they didn’t take the poll down before it got to more than 80,000 votes of which over 90% were “No” to the question “Do you believe that individuals, through a relationship with Jesus Christ,  can overcome unwanted same-sex attractions?”

From JMG:


OneNewsNow: Even Jayzus can't cure teh gay!

Over 90% of the readers of the American Family Association’s news site OneNewsNow agree that it is impossible to pray the gay away. At least, that is how the Christianists would spin it, had the result gone the other way. Thanks to everybody who played along in yesterday’s freeping, we sent the AFA a little message about the uselessness of internet polls, which they so love to trumpet against us in their press releases. There were only about 1000 votes recorded when we started the freep and late in the afternoon a few Christian sites picked up on our game and linked back here, sending several thousand more votes to their side. But thanks to a LOT of Twitter and Facebook support from you folks, we made our point.


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