Neal Horsley Is Naming Gay Kenyans For Death

This christian sociopath, Neal “Mule-Fucker” Horsley, who was arrested after the YouTube video of his “Elton John must die” protest was posted, is running a website in Kenya that is naming specific people and outing them and calling for their deaths.  This has got to be illegal for a U.S. citizen to post public death threats in another country.

There are efforts underway to get the host,, to pull the site  He has his organization there putting up “Not Wanted” posters up in several cities in Kenya; the posters show photos and contact information, in Swahili, for “known homosexuals”.  Below is a really sick photo I got from his projectSEE (Stop Exporting Evil) website.  Now we know what type of men turn Horsley on. These homophobic, closeted types like this always seem to be fixated on masculine, muscular, good-looking men.  They FEAR the homo inside of them so much that they are willing to kill, literally kill, anyone that puts that fear in their faces.  They FEAR what they perceive as a threat to their masculinity because they are not secure in it themselves.

He also targets a gay travel site … it appears to be like any other gay travel agency, but Horsley is convinced that they arrange butt-fucking safaris and hunt down children.  He can’t wrap his head around the idea that gay people actually live lives and work and travel on vacations just like heteros do, and they like to do business with gay-owned businesses.  His suspicions of this travel agency are bizarre and would be hilarious if he wasn’t so demented and dangerous because of the influence he is wielding in Africa.


"Arrest Sodomites" - photo on Horsley's website

Photo on Horsley's website - now we know what type turns him on.

Here’s an article by Horsley, “Arrrest Homosexuals – It’s For Their Own Good”, on Dan Savage’s site.  This dude is clearly buck-ass insane.



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