Scott Lively, Martin Ssempa Profiled On ABC

This is thankfully gaining more attention in “mainstream” press.  The direct ties are documented and undeniable: dangerous sociopath Scott Lively’s and other U.S. evangelicals’ ties to the Ugandan anti-gay legislation.  Lively denies all of it; then he’s proud of it, but maintains his innocence; Ugandan officials have given him credit for it; and then they say he wasn’t a factor; then he was …  Lies beget more lies, and these Death Ministers know no shame.

I can’t get the vid to embed, so here’s the link for the BTB post with video.  (Click the link in above paragraph for another blog’s post with video.)

ABC interviews dangerous sociopath Martin Ssempa

ABC's segment on Scott Lively

Clip of sociopath Scott Lively proudly dropping his "nuclear bomb" in Wganda



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2 responses to “Scott Lively, Martin Ssempa Profiled On ABC

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  2. Sonia

    I looked up this subject today because CURNT channel has a show called “Illegal to be Gay?”
    Please consider this – what if what they are saying is true, but you just automatically deny it because of how you’ve been trained?
    Please consider what is being said – Ssempa wants to prevent homosexuality from coming into his land. I’m impressed by that. He wants to protect his people.
    Instead of turning on your rage, just simply think about it. It’s not that Gay-ness is the only sin, there are many sins, but being gay is not how one is ‘born’. It is a choice to sin in that manner.
    I think you don’t want to think of homosexuality as a sin. Maybe you don’t want to think of sin at all! But one day you will be responsible for the sin you commit.
    Ssempa and Bahati are preventing people from punishment, and from more people falling into that particular sin.
    What they say is true because what they are saying is what God says!

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