Christians Support Beating The Gay Out Of Students

Christian Hatred Will Not Be Silenced - Day of Silence WALKOUT

Day of Silence WALKOUT

The “Day of Silence Walkout” is sponsored by every hateful christian organization out there, proudly listed at the bottom of their page, as an act of defiance against the annual Day of Silence, a voluntary event designed to call attention to bullying in schools, especially the bullying of students who are, or are perceived to be, gay.  Bullying that often times ends with suicide or murder.  From the landmark legal case on bullying and school complicity, Nabozny v. Podlesny:

For four years Jamie Nabozny was subjected to relentless antigay verbal and physical abuse by fellow students at his public high school in Ashland, Wisconsin. Students urinated on him, pretended to rape him during class and when they found him alone kicked him so many times in the stomach that he required surgery. Although they knew of the abuse, school officials said at one point that Nabozny should expect it if he’s gay. Nabozny attempted suicide several times, dropped out of school and ultimately ran away.

Absolutely shameful.  This is what christians are promoting with the Walkout, proudly, unabashedly condoning anti-gay violence on kids.  These ignorant, stupid christian MORONS are making this into a “homosexual activities” issue.  Kids don’t get beaten for “activities” or “behaviors” — most of these kids probably haven’t even had sex yet!  Kids get beaten because they “look like a queer”, they “look like a sissy or a dyke”.  Kids get harassed and beaten because they’re weak, or dress funny, or have certain mannerisms, or they walk funny, or can’t play sports, whatever.  That makes them “gay/fag/dyke/sissy” to the bully, and that is what gets them beaten or harassed, and adults are complicit in, and many times encouraging  or initiating, the abuse.

The first lie on the Walkout site is that students are required to stay silent even during instruction periods.  The facts are: students’ participation is voluntary and the ones who choose to join the Day of Silence are encouraged to speak and participate in classroom lessons and instruction.  The christianist groups are trying to make it into something it is not, a “politicizing of the classroom”, and “encouraging homosexual behavior”.

Christians, using every obtuse angle they can use against gays, will not accept the FACT that some kids are gay, or are perceived to be gay, and those kids are subject to much more intense harassment, sadly, even from adults. So bad is the harassment, in fact, that gay kids are many times more prone to suicide and homicide than teens in general.  Gay kids often are ostracized from their school peers and even murdered; gay kids are often humiliated by teachers, and even thrown out their homes by their parents.

I had the teacher-humiliation experience from two teachers when I was in junior high.  Fun, let me tell ya — they were repeated, humiliating taunts that, on the inside, made me so ashamed (of what-??! … of being un-athletic, scrawny, interested in books, terrible at sports; orange-red hair, freckly pale white complexion — things I could not help or change!), too embarrassed to say anything to other teachers whom I trusted, or to my parents.  These fuckers had no business teaching kids, and I wish I had had it in me (as a 12-year old kid, right) to haul off and punch them in the face.  I did, however, have the oomph to stick my chin up, and go on … some kids don’t have that and shit like this Walkout pisses me off — it sends a very bad message.

Christians (who were probably dishing it out when they were kids, or were targets themselves) want to make sure that they can continue, by using their own children, to beat the gay out of kids.  Christians want to make sure that these kids know that they are worthless, sub-human and reviled by “God” and destined to burn in a fiery pit for eternity because they don’t “fit” into their rigidly defined image of masculine or feminine.  Christians want to make sure these kids loathe themselves, to saddle them with baseless guilt and shame.  Christians want to make sure these kids spend a lifetime of anguish with broken spirits, ready prey for their enslaving, soul-killing doctrines.

Here’s some of the horse-shit promulgated on their “Walkout” site (emphasis added):

The explicit purpose of DOS is to encourage sympathy and support for students involved in homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors whose voices have been allegedly silenced by the disapproval of society. The implicit purpose is to undermine the belief that homosexuality and cross-dressing is immoral. Parents should no longer passively countenance the political usurpation of public school classrooms through student silence.

The dishonest wording pisses me the fuck off.  The “explicit purpose” is to draw attention to student bullying.  The “homosexual behaviors”, like … a boy who likes art and music and who does not like sports? … a girl who’d rather wear a t-shirt and ball cap and slug a softball bat than play with dolls bake cookies? … is that “cross-dressing behavior”? … “lesbianic” behavior?  Like 18-year-old high school senior Constance McMillan, who is old enough to have come to grips with her sexuality, who is honest with herself and everyone else, who simply wants to wear a goddamned tuxedo and bring her girlfriend to her prom?  Fuck these christian zealot bigots.  School officials were hoping that private christian citizens would step up and offer an exclusive prom.  I can imagine their chagrin to learn the American Humanist Association donated $20,000 to the student body for an all-inclusive prom.  Suck it, bigots!  There’s a Facebook page “Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom!”.  Join Here.

Some, like Constance, are mentally strong enough to stand up to and overcome the bullshit handed to them.  Many are not and christians should be ashamed (but they’re not, they’re proud) of what they are standing for with their “Day of Silence Walkout”.  Bravo, bigots!

The bullying is learned at home, perpetuated by bigoted, self-righteous parents, who simply have no shame.



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3 responses to “Christians Support Beating The Gay Out Of Students

  1. Narune

    I seriously can’t believe no one has commented on this. Very well written and very descriptive. I myself am bisexual and have a very loving boyfriend, and I’ve had to deal with some discrimination in my life. I do however have the knack to talk back to anyone that gives me bullshit. Luckily for us human rights are winning out and the bigots are losing ground steadily.

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