Letter To Tony Perkins, FRC, Ignored

I emailed the following letter to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in response to a public statement by Perkins that homosexuals will “engage in homosexual conduct” and go on raping rampages in the barracks if allowed to serve openly.  Yeh, it pisses me off, since  my partner is a vet, my first partner was a vet, and I have many, many gay and lesbian friends who have served this country in the U.S. military.  Anyway, a day later I received an automated response saying that they would review my letter and get back with me.  Never heard from them for almost two weeks and then it started … the regular email blasts urging my dollars and support to further their cause of hate and lies.  I am going to print this and snail-mail it to them with return-receipt; maybe make a couple changes or additions; I’m sure it will go into the shredder. I’m quite sure they hit the delete key after reading this:

Dear Tony: “Homosexual conduct”? Conduct like … SERVING THEIR COUNTRY, A-HOLE?  But, what exactly are you talking about, Tony?  I have zero respect for liars and people who ignorantly defame  and slander good people whom they DO NOT KNOW.)

The “intentions” that Gay MEN and WOMEN  have when enlisting in the military is TO DO THEIR JOBS to the fullest of their abilities, NOT to rape fellow soldiers.  They are REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN who are mentally and physically capable to enlist, men and women who are serious in their commitments in life and to the military.   As the good Christian that you are, Mr. Perkins, do not bear false witness against good citizens, especially citizens serving their country.  You should heed that advice, Mr. Perkins, says that god and book you cling to, says one of those Ten Commandments that none of you people follow.

You, Tony Perkins, are insulting to every gay man and woman I know who have already proudly served in our military, and by extension, you are insulting and damaging our military efforts (example: Arab language translators — they’re kinda needed right now).  My partner served in the USAF almost thirty-five years ago; he was an aircraft mechanic, one of the best, and not once did he try to rape anybody, you insulting piece of crap.  After his military service, he went on to serve his community for 25 years as a law enforcement officer.  Gay MEN and WOMEN elect to serve in the military for the same reasons as anyone else.  They are serious about their lives and commitments to their families and country.  Gay MEN and WOMEN do not join the military to look for sex; they do not  join the military to ogle other people, you IGNORANT, FEAR-MONGERING, LYING ASSHOLE.

But, hey, I have somethingelse you can look into, being that you fear for the chastity of our service men and women … If you truthfully have concerns for “sexual tension, harassment, and assault”, then look into the very real and very concealed problem of heterosexual man-on-woman rape in the military.  Or, are heterosexual rape and misconduct perfectly OK with you, Tony?  It seems NOBODY will address this because of IGNORANT f–ks like YOU with your Gay-Panic™ rants about open, honest, upright gay MEN and WOMEN who are NO THREAT to ANYONE.

Tony, how about calling out those heterosexual deviants and rapists — they are the perpetrators of “sexual tension, harassment, and assault” that so concerns you — god-ordained heterosexuals are the ones with “intentions” of breaking the Military Code.

You send out your baseless email rants KNOWING that most people do not actually read the text of any bills that are proposed (they’re busy or too lazy), and KNOWING that they count on you to tell them facts and truth, KNOWING that if you scare people enough, they will rush to do as commanded.  (This is one of the major problems with the religious crowd — total ignorance and total dependence.)



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6 responses to “Letter To Tony Perkins, FRC, Ignored

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I served in the military with many Lesbian women. Never, ever…not even for a mili-second, did I feel as though I were about to be harmed in any way by any one of them. They were my Sisters!

    It is not the “homosexuals” who like to do the raping. I can fully account and testify that it is the male heterosexual to female rape that is silently happening every single day and no one wants to acknowledge or do anything about it.

    It is my experience that Lesbians have served in a relatively “open” type of environment for years. None of the heterosexual males cared because many of the ones that I knew were just hoping for a “three way.”

    My fear is for the homosexual men. I fear that the homosexual males are going to be the ones beaten and raped. If our Military leadership can’t keep the males of the straight men and women…how are they going to protect GBLT serving openly?

    Thank you for the courage to speak out!


    • Tom

      Hey Joan, thanks for commenting…

      LOL, you’re right … straight men drool over thoughts of womyns gettin’ it on, with them in the middle (I’ve worked in traditionally “manly” occupations and have heard it all, heheh)

      … gay women don’t bother straight men like gay men do. Exceptions are, like my straight male friends, guys who are confident in their maleness … they are not “threatened” by the presence of a gay man.
      I have a few really cool lesbian friends, and they’re also considered “Sisters” by our mutual straight female friends, women like you who are confident in their identities.

      Tony Perkins most definitely served next to gay men, whether he thinks so, or not, and I think he came out unscathed, physically … mentally, though, I’m not so sure about. I just have a very large problem with the blatant lies and damaging libel christian liars like him spout.

      I will post any reply (IF) I get from my printed, registered-mail letter. IF it doesn’t end up as FRC shredder fodder. 😉

  2. Tom,

    Unfortunately, you are right about too many of us Christians. I believe that many times we use the Bible to justify our own hatred and bigotry. Tony Perkins’ statements are an example of this.

    To those who feel as Tony Perkins does, I like to remind them that MY Bible says that I AM THE sinner. It also says that I am to love my Neighbor as I love myself. When I feel compelled to judge others it tells me that I had best take the giant log out of my own eye before I start picking at the little splinters in other people’s eyes. If we as the human race could start looking at each other as Brothers and Sisters I think that we could find ways to disagree about some things without acting like a bunch of nasty little beasts who would prefer to tear each other apart instead of lift each other up.

    Thank you for the words that you share that show us how we as Christians are often perceived. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I would hope that as others come across your site they would look at the way they are treating their neighbors.

    I sincerely hope that you get a reply from Tony Perkins. His statements demand an explanation and not one that allows him to hide behind his obvious bigotry and hatred in the name of God.

    Thank you again for your courage and please know that I would be proud share a foxhole with you or your partner anytime!!


  3. Tom


    Thanks, I do appreciate your understanding. I KNOW there are a lot of truly good religious folk who DO think for themselves and I’ve known a few. … however, one example from the flip side … one of my 4 siblings is a hard-line Fundamentalist who, sadly, has alienated the rest of us by her behavior. She would be one to roundly criticize you for “sympathizing” with a homo (me) and therefore, you’re not really saved. (sigh) … she really makes it difficult to deal with her. … love her, though.

    It’s these extremist beliefs and attitudes (you know, ‘gays are demon-possessed child molesters’, etc.) that took away my son’s chance to have a Dad. (he’s 33 now.) That’s just a tip of the ole iceberg of the damage I’ve seen done around me in the name of Religion.
    Again, I have absolutely no problem with reg’lar folks practicing their chosen religion. It’s the ones who try to force their brand of religion into secular law, disregarding all other faiths and the non-religious.

    My blog is aimed at the professional, paid Christians who, unfortunately, wield tremendous influence and reap much personal gain, by using religion as a weapon. It’s aimed at the extreme fundamentalists and literalists who would want this country to be a Christian version of Iran. It’s aimed at out-right bigots.

    The Tony Perkins’ of the world don’t realize that most gay folk do believe in the God/a god. That’s my guess, anyway … at very least, half. And definitely, most gay folk grew up in Christian homes … and we want nothing more than to peacefully coexist with everyone else in this world. A LOT of people listen to creeps like Perkins and readily soak it up.

    Well, thanks again for reading my rantings. It’s my “therapy”, haha 🙂
    Peace to you,

    • Tom,

      I didn’t know that your sister and my mother were the exact same person! Actually, my mother sounds exactly like your sister. My mother is a Fundie and that is how I was raised. I decide to become a Catholic and she is still freaking out! Yes, my Fundamentalist Mother is freaking out because I am a Catholic..you read that right. In many ways, I consider my mother’s reaction to be funny. It isn’t funny, it is hurtful and I am so sorry that it is happening to you!

      I am also deeply sorry to hear about your son. My heart just breaks thinking about that and I will tell you why.

      I was raised to believe that homosexuals are destined for hell fire. “No salvation for you!” type of preaching. I never like that idea because I knew that I would be lucky to avoid those hell fires myself…I guess. However, the real wake up call for me was the day that my 15 year old son told me that he was gay. How does one condemn something so special as their own child to hell fire? He is 17 now. We don’t always get along. I will admit that I hope that it is a phase. I’m sorry to say that, but I have to be honest about it. (I have never told him that) But no matter what I love HIM. I love HIM so very much. He will always be the precious little child that I held in my arms moments after his first breath. He will always be my son no matter who he is or what he does. I don’t keep that a secret from him either, I just tell him…”I LOVE YOU – UNCONDITIONALLY!”

      The things that you have said in your “therapy” have given me so much insight and I really can’t thank you enough for that. In fact, because of you I decided to talk about homosexuals in the military on my blog this morning. People need to know that love of Country and the desire to Serve is not limited to heterosexual white males!

      Keep writing, Brother. Keep telling it as it is! One might even say, Preach it! 😉 (sorry…I couldn’t resist!)

      Love and Peace to you and yours!


  4. Tom

    Very touching, thanks for sharing … hey, I wish you well dealing with your son, and I don’t blame you for hoping it’s a phase, ‘cos society doesn’t make it easy. But in either case, don’t let anyone tell him (or you) that he is less than anyone else. I think it speaks volumes about your relationship with him that he felt close enough to you to tell you this.

    Folks don’t stop and think what they do to young minds when they rain down the condemnation. Adults forget what it’s like being a kid and how seriously words and actions can impact them, and how difficult adolescence is to go through already. For this reason, these kids are more likely to get into drugs, battle a lifetime of depression, self-loathing and self-destructive behavior, and even suicide.
    It angers me when I see people like Perkins standing against anti-bullying efforts.

    Well, I guess I should get back to my “preaching” now (haha, that was great!)
    Peace to you,

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