Lou And Jesse Engle’s Struggle With Gay Demons

This demon crap really annoys me … I just never could buy that crap when I was in the fundamentalist church (for ten months or so).  Basically, non-believers are all walking around like puppets with a demon’s hand up their ass, directing all their thoughts and actions.  Any straying from the Church, or not praying enough or hard enough, or not reading the Bible enough, talking to non-believers too much, listening to secular music or reading secular material, or masturbating, all can open you up for “demonic influence”.

Jesse Engle, screen cap

Jesse Engle, video screen cap

This kid Jesse, 21 in the photo at left, has been indoctrinated,mind-fucked, into this crap since birth, I guess.  Like following through with the father-son family business, he rambles on with the same fucking tape reruns of all the crap I heard back when I was in the fundamentalist church.  He’s well-versed in the talk, the rhythm, the cadence; even at age 12 he preaches like a pro.  He really is sincere in his beliefs, I guess, it’s all he knows, perfectly controlled and molded by preacher dad.

So, Jesse Engle tells his dad that he’s had dreams of going to San Francisco (I bet he has!) to battle the dark powers of homosexual demons that control the city, “where the homosexuals boast the dominion of darkness”.  Sounds totally like a comic book adventure!  And when this man, dad Lou Engle, speaks, his voice sounds just like the damn voice-over for a cartoon Satan character.

In this video (photo on left, search YouTube for “Jesse Engle, son of Lou Engle“) he urges young people to give their teen years to Jesus, tells how he was burning for the Lord at age 12 (he has the footage) when he had prophetic dreams. Tthe Lord was telling him that the minimum age for joining “God’s gang” used to be 21, “but the numbers are being switched around” and he could join at age 12.  He’s telling kids to fast and pray and be part of the Army of God.  To me, the dude really looks and sounds, well, gay.  I’m not just saying that in a flip way, he really sounds, and looks, like these young gay guys.  And so, he’s in San Francisco with a House of Prayer in the Castro District.  Riiiight.  He tells his dad that as long as he is in SF, that God won’t rain down judgment the city.  The crowd boos.  Christians drool to think about sinners, especially homos, getting smitten by God in some horrifying way.  They drool thinking of the Rapture, believing, pretty much, that they will have a “ringside seat” to the carnage of sinners on Earth below.

Jesse Engle callin' down the spirit

Jesse Engle prayin' up a storm (Google image search)

He tells his dad that he’s casting demons out of new converts.  Dad says “It’s scary.  The whole thing’s scary. But fathers are to send their sons into the darkest places.” I would really, really like to see some follow-up on these “exorcisms”, but that will never happen!  No more than you’re going to see true follow-ups on “ex-gays”; the only ones they show off are paid “therapists” and spokespersons for religious “reparative” programs.

Here’s a really great photo of Jesse, from a Google image search; it looks like he’s sitting on top of a fucking piano.  If this ain’t gay, hell then, break out the show tunes … this could certainly make one susceptible to homosexual-demon infestation, I’d say.  I have personally avoided situations involving lounging on pianos and wrapping  my fist around long, hard mics.  All he needs to do now is open up shop in the Castro to wrestle with those homosexual demons of his.  Oh, yeh.

Jesse Engle lookin' gay on a piano

Jesse Engle lookin' mighty gay on this piano (correction: stage floor) like some lounge songstress

Engle has his followers, but also his denouncers who claim, ironically, that Engle is himself possessed by a demonic spirit and they call him a “false prophet”.  Duh.  Video, Lou Engle, TheCall, September 25, 2007: Lou Engle believes in “gay demons”:



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16 responses to “Lou And Jesse Engle’s Struggle With Gay Demons

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  2. Michelle

    I am sorry for the hypocrisy, hatred, condemnation, judgement and many more things that the church has shown you and to everyone else in the world. I am Christian and I believe that God loves all people regardless of their sexual orientation, or whether they have been a serial killer, a “heathen” or even a religious person who teaches about God but has no relationship with Him; a pharisee. Do I love people perfectly all the time? Heck no. I am human. But I am sorry for that. Please, don’t be tainted by the human misrepresentation of God.

    * By the way, I love Journey, Linkin Park. = )

    • Tom

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for the sentiment, much appreciated … please understand that my anger is directed at the self-appointed religious leaders, “prophets” and their willfully ignorant followers — not at sane and reasonable folks like you. The condemnation, hypocrisy and lies come from them, not you.

      The kind of christians like Lou Engle use religion to control people; they are true sociopaths who have zero regard for the lives they ruin in the process of preaching their insanity. They conjure up the most horrible images of gay people, paint us all with one brush, and their willfully ignorant supporters believe [the bullsh] it. They would die (or kill!) before admitting that gay people are not all the same, that there are gay people who are good people, and it pisses me the hell off. Of course, if they were truthful, they would be out of business.

  3. Joshua

    Please been gay should point to you that something is certainly wrong with your life and that you are kicking against the will of God that happens to breaks, and off course you know what it means.

    • Tom

      Thanks, bubba, but you don’t know shit about my life; my life is pretty damn good, so I’ll just “point to you” where to go fuck your presumptuous self! =)

      Now, how can someone kick against something that doesn’t exist?
      The things I am “kicking against”, via this blog, are religious extremist fuck-heads, who do exist, and who do real damage in people’s lives. Religion is poison — and for far too long, religion, especially christianity, has been above criticism and above the law. The “will of god” is merely the will of the person talking about it.

      OK, from your poorly constructed, punctuation-lacking comment, I gather that you “please been gay” — that means absolutely nothing, as gay people are hardly all the same, and have vastly different life experiences, just like heterosexuals. Whatever your “been gay” life was like, I am quite sure it had/has *zero* in common with my life.
      If life was, or is, bad for you, maybe you were/are just fucked up in the head and made really bad decisions — it happens; or maybe you had a bad life because of circumstances beyond your control. (Assuming you had a bad life, because you are implying that you “were” gay, and that therefore something was/is “certainly wrong”.)

      A person’s sexual orientation is not the source of his/her problems — Nobody looks at a fucked-up heterosexual and says they need to change their sexual orientation to be fixed. 😉

  4. Yo mamma

    Tom, your an ignorant dick head who’s lashing out on everyone around you which proves how miserably you feel about your life. And how guilty you feel for what you’re doing. Beliving in God or not doesn’t change the fact that He exists. By your words you will be condemned and you said some pretty harsh things. Why are you any less guilty than someone who believes that you are living an immoral lifestyle. They have a right to an opinion like you tell yourself you have a right to an opinion about them. And you’re a gay fag.

    • Tom

      Yo mamma,
      Thank you very much for demonstrating what this rant blog is about! Line by line:

      “Tom, your an ignorant dick head [wrong: I am a very well-read and informed ‘dick head’ who long ago woke up to the scam] who’s lashing out on everyone around you [wrong: I’m lashing out only at lying, deluded, religious sociopaths who profit from damaging lives] which proves how miserably you feel about your life [Nope: to the contrary, people who know me know I’ve had an excellent life — I’m just finally fed up with presumptuous people who think they know what my life is — the proverbial camel’s back has been broken]. And how guilty you feel for what you’re doing [mighty presumptuous, please tell me what I am doing — nothing to feel guilty for.]. Beliving in God or not doesn’t change the fact that He exists [he/they/it don’t exist; “facts” have to be proven in order to be called “facts” — sorry that you suffer from a delusion]. By your words you will be condemned [condemned only by ignorant, brainwashed, deluded fukwits, who would still condemn me no matter what] and you said some pretty harsh things [yer goddam right — things that need to be said to people who use religion to hurt others for personal enrichment]. Why are you any less guilty than someone who believes that you are living an immoral lifestyle [again, you know not what my “lifestyle” is — you’ve been told what to believe and you believe what you are told — and that is pathetic. It is egregiously immoral what religion does to humanity]. They have a right to an opinion [exactly correct, and when they lie and present those lies as fact, they will be called out on it] like you tell yourself you have a right to an opinion about them [my opinions are based in reality and experience, not magical delusions and fantasies]. And you’re a gay fag [gosh, Bubba, you got me! now that is so original — duh huh huh, never heard that one before!].”

      Btw, which one of the thousands of varieties of christianity do you recommend that a person follow? Maybe you have a direct line there, like batshit crazy ole Lou Engle? Maybe they’re all wrong, maybe it’s Zeus or Thor?

      [updated to correct html tags]

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  6. Emily

    Jesse isn’t sitting on a piano. That’s the stage of the International House of Prayer. You should get your facts straight.

    • Tom

      Oh for fuck’s sake. Did you read where I said “it looks like he’s sitting” –no, apparently you didn’t. The photo is tightly cropped and it looks like he’s sitting on a piano and it is quite obvious that I am making fun of him in a very dickish manner.
      He still looks like a cheap lounge singer sprawled on a piano the stage floor. Better?

      I do have these facts straight: these people are TOTAL FRAUDS and they are mentally ill. The elder Engle preaches Leviticus death-threat passages and he fucking lies. I cannot fucking stand liars, especially liars in the name of religion for profit. Yes, I have listened to his preaching.

      • Emily

        He’s none of those things that you say. Do you know him personally? Do you know Lou Engle personally? If not, then you have no right to bash them. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Absolutely no idea. Is this what you do for a living? It’s very obvious by the way that you speak on here that you have absolutely zero character! Basically, what you’re saying is that you hate God & His people. What good are you doing by hating people? You’re just like everyone else.

      • Tom

        Yes, he is; he is a textbook example of a sociopath and a deluded madman. He’s a public figure and wide open to criticism. Religion is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated.

        With all due respect, madame, you are painfully ignorant, and wrong on the fact that it is possible for people to be good people and live good lives without believing in gods. Religious does not necessarily equal good or moral.

        Read my ‘about’ page, the section titled “why I hammer on religion” to get an understanding why I despise religion so much, if you care. Go to http://new.exchristian.net/ and read personal stories of the lives damaged by religion.
        I have zero tolerance and less-than-zero respect for liars and charlatans, especially those who lie and profit in the name of religion.

        Poor, poor deluded Emily. I feel sorry for people trapped in their delusion; I do not hate something that I do not believe in — god is an invention of humans. I do not hate “god’s people”, dear. I truly feel sorry for people who base their lives on a made-up interpretation of a made-up book. Really sad and pathetic.

        EX-christian here, was deep into it, and now that you mention it, I am ashamed and embarrassed that I ever fell for it, and angry about the lies.

        No, I do not make my living with this blog, it is a personal blog. Learn the difference between anger and hate.

  7. Esther

    Hi i Just wanted to say this is the genuine concern of Jesse and His dad towards homosexuality. They don’t treat it as a disease . I know this guy and trust me he is not as bad as you think he is! i like gay people and he does too but he is concerned about the homosexuality factor which is not something people are born with. We should behave the way we are born to behave not the way we think is right to.That’s it. It wold be better if you wrote him a letter or an email to convey your comment and regards about what you feel but cyber bullying him this way is not the correct approach! please take my views into consideration. I’m only writing this out of the knowledge of Gods love for everyone equally!
    – Anonymous

  8. Esther

    Also I have seen your website on exchristians. I have read the testimonials. But the torture that people go through there are not from people who Love god! Christianity is not a religion. Its a group of people who love God and Jesus for the Cross and because he created us! i agree most people in this world are supposed ‘Christians’ who still follow the ten commandments strictly or try to but these people have not grasped the true love of Christ. They dwell on the old traditions of the bible and have not fully understood The Cross. If you gave me the chance to talk to you about it then i think you would be enlightened to a whole new aspect of Christianity. Trust me i have experienced an almost torturous life until i understood how much God loves me. I jsut want to share that love with you. People have different way and purposes for sharing the love of God and The Engle and my calling is homosexuality. I repeat it is not a disease but it also not natural or something we’re born to be 🙂 i mean no insult or harm just concern
    aint anonymous anymore since my name is out in the open so 😛 yea! do try to talk if you have the time or want to.

  9. Joshua

    Hey tom. While I may agree that calling for queer blood in the streets is an inappropriate response to homosexuality, the fact is that you hate God and the people who love and follow him because the Truth condemns you. I understand. It once convicted me also. I pray to my imaginary friend for the ones like you that I know. “Their pride is in their shame” “The fool has said in his heart that there is no god”

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