Gainesville, FL: Another Church Preaching Hate And Politics

The Dove World Outreach Center is really, really pissed that their YouTube video was pulled.  How DARE YouTube remove their video, and silence their free speach (sic) right to make death pronouncements on gay people.  This guy says in one sentence that gays should be put to death, and later, in another sentence, says that christianity is all about love, and doesn’t want to put gays to death like that nasty muslim religion.

They have another video defending the use of the word “nigger”.  They really, really love to use that word.  Their involvement in a campaign attacking a Gainesville mayoral candidate is being brought before the IRS in a complaint by Americans United, questioning their tax-exempt status while engaging in politics.

My tolerance of crazy people (sociopathic religious zealots) ENDS when they want to kill me.  Here’s some of the comments made after their YouTube video (I’m “southernred8”) … they got slammed by everyone:

[via JMG]



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3 responses to “Gainesville, FL: Another Church Preaching Hate And Politics

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    • Tom

      There’s a lot of that outrage thing going around!

      lol – I just your post title with the words “flashes her taters” ..lolz … must. go. read.
      *just saw*, I meant.

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