Mike Heath “Exposes” His Self-Righteous Idiocy

Mike Heath: Pervert On Board!

Mike Heath: Pervert On Board!

Mike Heath of the Christian Civic League of Maine, rushing in an attempt to publicly libel and defame some nefarious homoseckshul deviant pervert, published this photo of someone’s car and license plate who hasn’t a damn thing to do with what he was supposedly “exposing”.  (I blocked out the plate number, it’s been published enough.)

He thought that the Georgia sticker with the blue line was some sado-masochist club.  Turns out it’s the “thin blue line”, acknowledging police officers killed while on duty.  The other sticker is the Human Rights Campaign.

The issue of perception versus reality is an important one. Few people in Maine know the astounding power and influence of the homosexual rights movement, and fewer still know its symbols.

Who would know the meaning of the symbols shown below, for example? The bumperstickers on this car in Augusta are a silent ‘dog-whistle’ which tells other homosexuals that the owner supports the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual rights organization (the yellow and blue equal sign) and has had some contact with a sadomasochist organization in Georgia (a map of the state of Georgia drawn with the colors used by the sadomasochist movement, black and blue.)

Jeezus, what a Dumbass.  And, just because the person supports HRC, that doesn’t mean they’re gay!  When finding out what a terrible assumption he made, he issues a statement blaming homos for his mistake, no shit:

This is an error that anyone could have made, and is understandable in a society which is no longer shamed by perversion, but actually boasts of perversion and publically endorses it as “pride.” The fault lies ultimately with those who seek to normalize deviancy.

We regret, however, if we have unwittingly and unintentionally associated anyone with this despicable movement.

Our error will be quickly pardoned by our friends, but no amount of explanation will satisfy our opponents, who will do their utmost to exploit our mistake.

Um, NO, you dumbass.  There’s something called “research”.  Before publicly accusing someone of something, you stupid motherfucker, you need to do some research.  I hope the owner of this car sues the pants off of this self-righteous puke.


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