“Dr. Shock” Arrested In Canada

When are authorities going to SHUT DOWN these dangerous quacks trying to “cure” people of the gay?  Most of them hide behind the cover of religion, making them safe to freely practice their psychologically damaging “therapy”.

Aubrey Levin / Dr. Shock

Monster: Dr. Aubrey Levin

“Dr. Shock”, as Dr. Aubrey Levin was known in apartheid-era South Africa, was arrested in Calgary Canada after a patient secretly filmed the doctor making sexual advances to him.  Thirty more former patients are coming forward with similar charges.  Since the 1960’s, this monster has been electrocuting, torturing and mutilating gay men and women to “cure” them.

From The Guardian UK:

In the 1960s, he wrote to a parliamentary committee considering the abolition of laws criminalising homosexuality saying that they should be left in place because he could “cure” gay people.His efforts to do just that in the army began in 1969 at the infamous ward 22 at the Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital near Pretoria, which ostensibly catered for service personnel with psychological problems. Commanding officers and chaplains were encouraged to refer “deviants” for electroconvulsive aversion therapy.

The treatment consisted of strapping electrodes to the upper arm. Homosexual soldiers were shown pictures of a naked man and encouraged to fantasise, and then the power was ratcheted up.

Trudie Grobler, an intern psychologist on ward 22, saw a lesbian subjected to severe shocks.

“It was traumatic. I could not believe her body could handle it,” she said later.

One gay soldier claimed to have been chemically castrated by Levin. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was told by investigators that he was not alone. It also heard that at least one patient had been driven to suicide. Levin refused to testify before the commission.

Levin also treated drug users, principally soldiers who smoked marijuana, and men who objected to serving in the apartheid-era military on moral grounds, who were classified as “disturbed”.

Levin subjected some patients to narco-analysis or a “truth drug”, involving the slow injection of a barbiturate before the questioning began. In an interview with the Guardian 10 years ago, he did not deny its use but said it was solely to help soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress.


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