Too Bizarre For Words

This shit is too fucking bizarre for words … but, I’ll give it a try.

Dildo Duck!

XXXtian Dildo Duck will quack you!

This here is a glaring example typical of evangelical christians’ mentally diseased lifestyle.  The ultimate goal of the “christian” agenda is to spread their chosen, filthy “christian” behaviors to children.  In this bizarre video they use the innocent-looking cartoon-like duck character to indoctrinate our young ones into their christian sickness and depravity.

“Scar my tattered body no more with your punishing dildo mallet!” pleads a totally nude Kris Sickles (almost threw up in my mouth), a member of the Hutaree Christian End-Times Anti-Anti-Christ Militia and creator of the “Dildo Duck” video.  “May the dildos of Hell rain down upon your carcass!” says Dildo Duck (or, something like that).  And so, the innocent child is sucked into the depraved world of this “christian” lifestyle.  Or something like that.

OK, well, it’s obvious that I’m just bullshitting, right? The video is real but, I gotta make the disclaimer for any christian Fundies who may be reading this, because most of them are devoid of any sense of humor, or recognition of parody or irony.  And if this were to be quoted by a Fundie, you can be sure they would leave out this little paragraph.

Kristopher Sickles' mugshot

Kristopher Sickles' mugshot. Inbreeding at its finest.

Bizarre story for sure, though … so, how did a freak like this end up in an End-Times™ cult of Christian FundaMENTALists?  Weeeell, you see … this is an example of my primary point about people who get wrapped up in fanatical religion: they all come from really fucked up backgrounds of crime, drugs, abuse at home, mental illness, low or biased education, low social skills, indoctrination, etc.  This is why Fundamentalists are batshit crazy.

The christianist leaders of the Hallowed Institutions of Pious Lying Hypocrites, do just exactly what I did at the beginning of this post — except, they are totally fucking serious — and asking for lots of money (and it works).  I’m just mocking them.  They take news stories of deranged individuals caught in egregious acts, who happen to identify themselves as gay, and then use them to promulgate their abject hatred of gay men and women.  They use stories like this to sensationalize gay rights issues to their followers, who are completely ignorant of gay people, thus instilling the unfounded fears and hostilities that they in turn pass down to their kids.  Fear, disgust and outrage have always been key marketing tools for the Religious Right’s line of targeted hate products.

Of course, I know that all christians are not as insane as Kris Sickles and his Godly Gang of Anarchists.  Neither are gay people, but that is how the RR portrays them, violent and insane (see Scott Lively’s “nuclear bomb” on gays).  But the reality is that all christians (and muslims and all the others) are deluded to some degree, from mildly to wildly.


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