FRC’s Panic Email On ENDA

Tony Perkins FRC christian LIAR

Tony Perkins: christian LIAR

I received an email from the Family Research Council (Tony Perkins) regarding ENDA.  This christianist scumbag liar says in the email that churches will be FORCED to have “hiring quotas” of “men dressed as women” and other fucking ridiculous claims, oh yeah, the Dirty 30, another purposeful lie and redefinition.

I sent them the following reply.  (They’ve never answered the last email I sent them regarding DADT.)

Dear Tony,

READ THE BILL.  Your lies need to be exposed.  What is wrong with you people?  You cannot read?  Bearing false witness? … oh, that’s right, christians are allowed to lie when it comes to, oh, everything.

NOBODY will be required to meet quotas of cross-dressers!  And, RELIGIOUS organizations ARE EXEMPT from this bill, so STOP YOUR LYING.

Shameful, shameful liars the FRC is!  You know damn well that these provisions you claim are NOT part of ENDA.  You know damn well that your intellectually captive audience won’t actually read legislation, but instead will count on you to tell them “truth” and they will believe anything you say.

Stop your lying, FRC!  I know you won’t, because the very existence of your organization depends upon lies, distortions, and baseless smears.
I repeat: — NOBODY will be forced to hire anybody!  There is a section that states there are NO QUOTAS required.  The following is from the actual text of the bill on govtrack.

(f) No Preferential Treatment or Quotas- Nothing in this Act shall be construed or interpreted to require or permit

(1) any covered entity to grant preferential treatment to any individual or to any group because of the actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity of such individual or group on account of an imbalance which may exist with respect to the total number or percentage of persons of any actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity employed by any employer, referred or classified for employment by any employment agency or labor organization, admitted to membership or classified by any labor organization, or admitted to, or employed in, any apprenticeship or other training program, in comparison with the total number or percentage of persons of such actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in any community, State, section, or other area, or in the available work force in any community, State, section, or other area; or(2) the adoption or implementation by a covered entity of a quota on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.


(a) In General- This Act shall not apply to any of the employment practices of a religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society which has as its primary purpose religious ritual or worship or the teaching or spreading of religious doctrine or belief.

(b) Certain Employees- For any religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society that is not wholly exempt under subsection (a), this Act shall not apply with respect to the employment of individuals whose primary duties consist of teaching or spreading religious doctrine or belief, religious governance, supervision of a religious order, supervision of persons teaching or spreading religious doctrine or belief, or supervision or participation in religious ritual or worship.

Here is the original lie-filled, Gay-Panic email rant they sent me:

Help stop the ‘ENDA’ religious liberty
April 06, 2010 | Share with Friends

Dear Tom,

Do you think it’s right for liberals running the government to …

  • Force a Christian bookstore to hire a man . . . who dresses in women’s clothing?
  • Force your child’s religious school to hire homosexual instructors?
  • Force your employer to fire or censure you for what they call “anti-gay harassment” . . . for simply keeping a Bible on your desk?

That’s the nightmare you could face if the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Congress passes the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

And that’s why it must be exposed.

This law would change America forever by allowing all of the outrages I’ve stated above-and more.

Most chilling, liberals in Congress almost passed ENDA in 2007!

Will you stand with Family Research Council (FRC) now by sending a generous tax-deductible contribution to help us support our national effort to expose the disastrous consequences of this bill — again?

ENDA should be called The Discrimination Against Christian Workers Act. Why? Just ask …

  • Jon and Elaine Huguenin, who were saddled with legal costs that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars because they politely declined to take “commitment ceremony” photos of two lesbians.
  • Rolf Szabo, who was fired by Kodak after 23 years of faithful service because he declined to participate in the company’s “Coming Out Day” celebration of bisexual, and transgender (cross-dresser) employees.
  • The Christian employees at Sandia National Laboratories, who were ordered to take down their family photos when homosexual co-workers complained that “traditional family” images were demeaning.

If the federal ENDA law passes, what happened to the Huguenins … and Rolf Szabo … and the Christians at Sandia Laboratories . . . could happen to any Christian or person of moral conviction, anywhere. Working together, we can protect your religious liberty.

ENDA will give Washington liberals virtually unlimited power to force every business with more than 15 employees to embrace immoral sexual behavior as normal and worthy of celebration . . . or face harsh federal sanctions.

Yes, Even Churches!

The ENDA law provides only limited protection of religious institutions, but still . . .

  • The federal government could punish your church with an expensive lawsuit for “discriminating” against a homosexual applicant for a lay position such as music director.
  • There are similarly thin exemptions for church schools, but inevitable court challenges would leave all churches and schools vulnerable to ENDA’s punishing provisions.

There is hope-if we act now.

You are standing in the way of the Left’s immoral vision for America. And laws like ENDA are intended for one thing-to silence your “obsolete” Christian morality and tear down all boundaries to unhealthy sexual behavior.

By sustaining your prayers and generous support of FRC, you’re not only investing in the long-term health of faith, family, and freedom in America . . .

You’re also strengthening the leading social conservative organization in Washington, D.C. Our respected team has decades of experience developing and blocking legislation, voicing the truth in and through the media, and mobilizing Americans.

Please join with other loyal FRC supporters in our campaign to expose ENDA by sending a generous, tax-deductible donation. May I hear from you today?

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. After making a secure, online donation, please share this message with friends.


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