Should Religious People Be Treated For Mental Illness And Cured?

“Should Christians (and all religious people) be treated for and cured of their mental illness? That is a much better question than the one Kyra Phillips of CNN posed on a segment “Homosexuality —is it a problem in need of a cure?” The segment came about from Bonnie Lowenthal (D) Long Beach, CA who authored AB2199 to repeal an archaic law from the 1950’s that is still on the books.  The law mandates state research into the “causes and cures of homosexuality” which is no longer an issue today (with intelligent people, that is).

MRI of religious brain

Back in the day, when persons were outed, they were ostracized from family and society and even put away in institutions to be experimented on with shock therapy, physical mutilation, chemical castration and other heinous abrogations of human rights.  But science, and the ability for gay people to live openly have put those days in the past and we now know that sexual orientation is a natural part of the human mind.  The American Psychiatric Association released a study (August 2009) concluding that attempts at “curing the gay” are unsuccessful and psychologically damaging.

Message to Kyra Phillips and CNN: “Go fuck yourselves!” Sorry if that offends her (she responded to the “vicious” emails she received) but why the fuck is this even up for a debate in 2010?  Why does it surprise her or anyone that people would react angrily to bullshit like this?

Again, what if the question had been “Should Christians be treated and cured of their mental illness?” There would be fire, brimstone and death threats raining down from loving Christians everywhere!

Not only did she frame her approach to this non-debatable subject in a completely insulting way, she brings on the discredited Richard Cohen, a man who has been exposed as a fraud, a man who has been kicked out of every professional medical/ psychological/ psychiatric/ therapist community in the U.S. and Canada, an obviously disturbed individual … she has him on the segment, letting this freak ramble on like he’s some goddamned expert on sexuality.  (Ew! him and sex is a sickening thought.)  Jesus Fucking Christ, the dude even looks creepy; he’s enough to make anyone hurl.

Cohen is a quack; he is fucked in the head and it is grossly irresponsible for CNN to tout him as an expert on anything, except as a classic example of the results of untreated religious mental illness.

Religious people need to get over the fact that non-theists think that talking to imaginary beings, spirits, ghosts, and believing in holy magic or any other kind of magic, is just plain … batshit crazy!


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5 responses to “Should Religious People Be Treated For Mental Illness And Cured?

  1. You ask what the ‘sexual act without love & commitment’ is wrong with religious people. Isn’t using genitally related terms ( excessively ) a symptom of ” being stuck ” back in the psychological genital phase of childhood development ? Doesn’t that mean something is wrong with you ?

    • temmy mohar

      Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘it’s not what you say, but how you say it’? When someone says “Fuck” or “Shit” when they are in a state of frustration, those words don’t literally mean the person is talking about ‘putting a penis inside of a vagina’ or ‘the excrement that comes out of someone’s anus’ they are using words, and that’s all they are, as a way to convey what they are feeling. I find it kind of funny that you can’t come up with any argument to refute what he is actually saying, but rather have to try to crticize how he says the word ‘Fuck’. Why can’t you come up with an argument against how seeing spirits or ghosts that are not really there is no different than a person with Alzheimer’s seeing or talking to people that are not really there? You can’t come up with an argument against it because there is no real logical arguement against it. He’s right and you know it, but since if frustrates you that he’s right you have to turn around and try to attack his use of the word ‘Fuck’ which had nothing to do with what he is saying and is completely off topic.

  2. Words are being used that have nothing to do with the topic…Humpty Dumpty language – words with changed meanings…how can anything be discussed? If the topic is the belief that there is no spiritual world – they used to say that about the microbiological world. Bottom line is…religious rules in major religious books lead to health & peace..not uncontrolled anger like that represented here.

  3. Matthew

    Religion is a primitive ideal. It was once used to explain the nature of our existence. “Where do the flashes of light come from?” “Its the god Zeus throwing them down from the heavens”

    “Where did our planet and the lights in the sky come from?” “A powerful creator made everything we see.”

    “Why are humans here?” “God put us here…he loves us, but will torture and kill you if you do anything that displeases him”

    In modern times religion has become a business and a very good one at that. It controls its customers in a very powerful way and is exempt from many of the laws the rest of us must follow. It is that cause of many wars and conflicts. It is no doubt that modern society would be much better off without religion. “moriality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Religion is doing what you’re told regardless of what is right.” (flying planes into building because god said so)

  4. true religion from the original books is very different

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