Shameless Christian Lies About ENDA

"Traditional Values" Coalition and their "Dirty 30"

TVC redefines "sexual orientation" to back up their lies.

The “Traditional Values” Coalition continues to shamelessly promulgate distortions and lies, redefining words to make them fit into their scare propaganda.

First, ENDA exempts religious organizations, so the only reason they are this vocal about it is to continue their spread of hatred through fear and lies, which have well earned them their badge of honor: they’re listed as a hate organization by the SPLC.

Out of the sick minds of Andrea Lafferty and her fellow lying christianists, comes truly weird, perverted, sick and twisted fantasies like amputee stump fucking (that’s the latest insanity to come from this revolting cow’s mouth).  Then there are the good old christian standard fantasies of incest, pedophilia and bestiality; on to corpse-fucking, non-consensual male/female frottage and their very favorite activity … eating poop.  Jesus Fucking Christ, these people are disgusting, shameless dirt bags.

The “Dirty 30” … that is TVC’s name for the 30+ paraphilias (which they redefine as “orientations”) listed at the APA’s website.  Not only do they (and all of the anti-gay hate groups) intentionally misquote the APA, they redefine psychological terms to fit their propaganda.  “Sexual orientation”, defined on the APA website, is heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and asexual.  Those are the four sexual orientations.  The APA lists “paraphilias”, which are behaviors, not orientations, and are not specific to any one single sexual orientation.

Sorry, TVC, you don’t get to redefine medical and psychological terms to fit your lies and propaganda.  You also don’t get to (in a perfect world) make up wild scenarios from your twisted heads and depict them as though they are actually occurring, or are imminent.  You don’t get to (in that perfect world) manipulate information, twist facts, and lie to people and beg for money for doing it.


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