Huckabee’s Son Tortured And Killed A Dog? Dad Says “Children Are Not Puppies!”

Mike "puppies" Huckabee

Mike "puppies" Huckabee

A good write-up about this at Daily Kos, “Thank God Huckabee doesn’t think children are puppies!”

Here’s my two bits: Mike Huckabee, formerly the governor of Arkysaw, has compared loving, committed same-sex relationships to incest, polygamy, and bestiality.  (Huckabee is another one of the religious extremists who regularly hit the crack pipe, or huff household chemicals — it’s gotta be something.)

The latest pig-ignorant thing out of his mouth is in regard to gay couples adopting.  “Children are not puppies”, says Huckabee.  He says this is not the time to “experiment” on children.  So, WTF, he’s saying there is a time for him to experiment on kids?  You know, like the Church does?  Maybe his youngest son was “experimenting” when he (allegedly/actually) teamed up with his buddy (in July, 1998) to torture a dog, hang him from a tree and slit his throat, and then stoned him.

WTF goes on at the Huckabee house?  That is some seriously fucked up kids — the future-serial-killer kind of fucked-up … not sayin’ he’s a serial killer, just sayin’ that is some seriously disturbed, fucked up shit for anyone to do, let alone a goddamned kid.  Just fucking sick of the moral judgements that come from sick religious  moral degenerates.

Huckabee, like all the other pig-ignorant extremists, are completely clueless about the real world outside of the fantasy in his own head.  Hey, Mike, the reality is, there are already thousands of adults today who grew up with same-sex parents.  I know of more than one example, personally.  Gay parents have been raising their children for a long ass time, and doing quite well at it.  Do not pretend that the millions of children abused by their natural parents don’t exist — my ex-wife was horribly sexually abused by both her mother and step-father together — she spent the rest of her youth in bad religious foster homes.

Children want and need homes where they are safe and loved – I can vouch, kids do not give a goddamn if that security and love comes from two women or two men.  Gay couples who want to adopt, who are prepared for the responsibilities, can give a child that home where otherwise they may be left to age out of the system.  It just fucking angers me that assholes like Huckabee are so blind to the needs in this world — it angers me, the images they try to project — it’s like saying that all heterosexual couples who want to adopt are all whores with their pimps who will raise children in drug dens with rats.

And, Mr. Huckabee, don’t forget the reality that most gay people grew up in nice christian homes with a mommy and a daddy.  By your logic, married, heterosexual christian couples are turning kids into homos.  Yikes!  And, apparently, your home, Mr. Huckabee, turns kids into possible future serial-killers.



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2 responses to “Huckabee’s Son Tortured And Killed A Dog? Dad Says “Children Are Not Puppies!”

  1. Trevor Gowe

    Good thing Huckabee and his fat fuck son are completely irrelevant.

  2. Glenn

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Sooo True. Soooo Hi lar i ous

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