Peter LaBarbera Supports Violent Christians, Denounces “Soft Christians”

Peter LaBarbera, who is always railing about the intolerance of the Evil Vicious Homofascist Terrorists™ towards christians, is anything but tolerant of his own christian brothers who don’t sport a woodie over  smearing and smearing innocent children and adult’s lives.  Always standing in judgement, he calls out the new head of Focus on the Money Family, Jim Daly, for “emasculating” the organization for not being hate-filled enough, for daring to focus on more urgent matters in society.

I liken Peter LaBarbera to his  counterpart on South Park: “Gay people? Gay people are evil, right down to their cold black hearts which pump not blood like yours or mine, but rather a thick, vomitous oil that oozes through their rotten veins and clots in their pea-sized brains which becomes the cause of their Nazi-esque patterns of violent behavior. Do you understand?” Peter LaBarbera Mr. Garrison on South Park.

The Peter’s post is chock full of the same tired lies, but one paragraph in particular made me have a WTF?! moment.  Here he criticizes Daly’s focus on the christian militias that are springing up and threatening violence on law enforcement:

Scolding bands of unshaven, gun-toting Christian fundamentalists roaming the woods surely will earn Jim Daly plaudits in the liberal media. Reminding the world that homosexuality and Christianity are incompatible; that repentant homosexuals can leave the lifestyle through Christ; and educating on how sin-embracing “Christianity” corrupts and confuses the Church, will earn him derision in the same media.

Peter, you’re fucking kidding, right?  Are you really trivializing “bands of unshaven, gun-toting”, ambush-murder-plotting, psychopathic christian fundamentalists as though they’re just playing harmless woodland games?  You are fucking unbelievable!  So blinded by your obvious mental fixation on homosex and the projection of your own self-fears — so deluded by your religious mythology that you actually dismiss these dangerous lunatics plotting to ambush and murder a policeman and then ambush his funeral — you are sick, dude, fucking sick.  You would never admit that there are gay folk who are good people, or that there are christians who are evil.

Peter, if you want to put the great money and time resources that “God” has bestowed upon you, to use this “gift” for your “Lord”, why don’t you tackle the very real problem in your own backyard … the fact that Chicago is a world hub of human trafficking?  What about these horrible abuses on children and women perpetrated by heterosexual men in your part of the country?  Ah, that’s right … you’re too busy combing through gay porn and prancing about at leather street fairs to actually use your “talents” in any sort of admirable way.  But, it’s understandable for a person who casually trivializes organized groups of christians intent on ambushing and murdering law enforcement officers to just “groups of unshaven, gun-toting christians” frolicking and playing in the woods, having Bible studies and humming hymns (or humming each other).

This is the beginning of Peter’s “dear AFTAH readers” post about FOTF (my notes in [brackets]):

It seems that Focus on the Family (FOTF) is becoming a schizophrenic organization. [you? calling someone schizophrenic? you?] Recently we applauded Focus for reaffirming a principled position [stating their position of blind hatred] against homosexual judicial nominees. Now, oddly, Jim Daly, FOTF’s new president and CEO, is talking down the pro-family “culture war.” [you mean, someone halfway sensible?]

Daly’s softness on public policy must be understood in the context of the ongoing evangelical retreat in the Culture War (typified by the book UnChristian). Many Christians are more concerned with the Church’s “image” than they are with confronting lies in the culture and standing against secular threats like “Gay” and Abortion Lobbies. They claim that Culture War activism hinders the Gospel. [Actually, it’s people like LaBarbera who are more concerned with the Church’s “image” than with the damage wrought by the Church.  It is, in fact, the Church’s activities in the “culture war” that “hinders the Gospel” and turns people away from it — activities of hate preachers like LaBarbera.  The only “threat” that secularism brings is the “threat” of extending human rights to people the “Church” deems inhuman — see, Peter, secularists can use “scare quotes”, too.  Peter is unwittingly doing more to advance gay rights precisely because thinking people can see right through him and his outrageous b.s. — thanks, Pete!]


God needs Christians to minister to homosexuals in love and truth [minister to yourself, liar], and God needs Christians to step up and fight fearlessly for righteousness in the Culture — no matter what names we are called or which evil laws are passed by secularists who reject His standard of sexual purity and marriage. (See the inspiring biblical example of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego below.) [“no matter what names we are called“?  you mean accurate assessments like “hypocrite”, “liar”, “sociopath”?  … please, Peter, go crawl inside a lit furnace and sit awhile.  And, do you really know what “His standard” consists of?  Is it rape, spousal abuse and polygamy that you adore?  Or is it the Holy Biblical Standards of incest and child abuse?  Or, have you not read the Bible?]

And where does it say in Scripture that Christians cannot do both ministry and public policy? [Fuck “scripture”.  Where does it say in civil codes that Christianity rules over everyone else?  And, this liar christian actually believes that people walked around inside a hot furnace?  Idiot.]

If American Christians are jailed or burdened with government “discrimination” lawsuits merely for opposing homosexuality [but they haven’t been and won’t be! and, Peter … you go far, far past “merely opposing”] as in Canada and Great Britain — how will Focus respond? Will they rise to their defense or will they be looking over their shoulder in constant fear of being perceived as “anti-gay”? Standing against sin — all sin — is part of the Gospel mission, pointing to every sinner’s need for salvation through the free gift of Jesus Christ. People practicing or advocating immoral sex or gender confusion don’t get a special pass. [It’s been many, many months since the Matthew Shepard act passed and not one goddamned preacher has been arrested.  Why is that?  It’s because christians get a special pass to be LIARS.  Unrepentant Liars.  And yes, we will stand against liars any day.  Take your “free gift” (that comes with a very high price) and choke on it, Peter; I left the “Church” many years before I came out gay.  Christianity (and ALL religions) is a fraud.

Seems Daly might think that there are more important things than the “culture war” to concentrate on … like, … Jesus?  Yeah, he said that!  Who-da ever thunk that these people had anything to do with Jesus?  That’s a new one.

Peter, go ahead and defend your “unshaven, gun-toting” murderous christians buddies, because it reveals what you truly are: a typical christian sociopath with suspect morals hiding behind your shield of religion to justify what you do.  It’s no surprise, given the fact of his association with radical racist groups and his brand new badge of honor: he’s now an official member of the SPLC’s list of active anti-gay websites.



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